Bulk solids moisture monitoring

The moisture content of bulk solids has an effect not only on the mass of the material but also the behavior of particles, efficiency in granulation processes and/or electrostatic charge behavior. The measurement of moisture content in powders, as well as granular materials and goods, is therefore crucial for many industries.

The moisture content pays an important role in quality standards, production processes, and energy savings. Many times, moisture content is determined “off-line” in the laboratory, which sometimes results in a significant loss of time, as depending on the moisture content and the measuring method, these analyses may take up to 24 hours. With an on-line moisture measurements solution, it is not only possible to considerably reduce this loss of time, but also to increase the efficiency of the production plant.

Typical applications that require moisture content measurement are: coal, coal dust, wood chips, grain, malt, corn, wheat, gluten, flaked corn, starch, soy beans flour, rape-seed flour, sugar beet, beet pulp, beet chip, milk powder, coffee, animal feed, tobacco, fertilizers, pharmaceutical powders, brick & ceramic raw materials, phosphates, gypsum, and many others. In such applications, reliable verification of moisture content in the bulk solids is beneficial to both producers and consumers alike.

The suggested system for these in-line applications is the H3000 which has automatic temperature & drift compensation, analog and digital output signals, as well as 2 alarms to meet the requirements of most applications. The H3000 is also not restricted in measuring moisture at the surface only as the conventional infrared systems do.