RGV hose coupling interlock safeguards silo deliveries

Our RGV range of hose coupling safety products, which are fitted to silo inlet pipes, ensure tanker drivers deliver their load to the correct silo.

Companies need to consider the risk of a tanker driver accidently delivering their load to the wrong storage silo. Such processes have to be optimized to satisfy increasingly tough legal requirements, as well as to prevent the risk of accidents caused mainly by human error.
Now lighter, more resilient and easy to use, the latest version of the RGV enables the safe transfer of goods via trapped-key interlocking technology. The RGV range requires operators to receive authorization from the control room before the process can begin. Depending on the type of product being used, this authorization is given either by the hose coupling being unlocked remotely or through the use of an interlocking safety key. The addition of an inductive proximity sensor indicates that a tanker driver is transferring their load.

Mechanical RGV
To connect this product to the silo, the operator must obtain the dedicated coded key from the loading manager. Each silo has a corresponding key to avoid load transfer errors.
This solution can be used in conjunction with STI’s RFID key management panel, Smart Key Manager, to ensure optimum safety and traceability.

Electromechanical RGV
To connect this product to the silo, the operator has to liaise with the loading manager and wait for authorization from the control room before coupling the hose and starting to unload. Access to the coupling is granted directly from the control room.

Electrical contacts can be added to either version of the RGV to enable monitoring from the control room. Supervisors can see which RGVs have been made available to tanker drivers and those that have hose couplings attached.