Crane Anti Collision Laser Protector

Your overhead equipment is very valuable and you are looking at the available methods to protect your cranes and hoists from contact with other equipment or end walls, both indoors and outdoors. Naturally, accident prevention is also one of your targets.

Sigma Hellas can offer a variety of methods for these applications but the most reliable is the one with laser distance measurement.

For example when you want to prevent a collision of overhead cranes operating on the same crane bay rails, you will have the laser transceiver mounted on the crane bridge. It is not necessary to use a reflector is the target distance is within the laser distance scale.

The laser can be connected to a panel meter where the operator can see the distance at any time, and 2 simple push button individually programmable signal outputs can activate an alarm and a stop function at exactly the distances you require.

Should you wish to avoid cabling, we can give you a wireless option.