Proof load & Performance testing

Proof load testing is an essential part of any inspection, repair and maintenance program. In many countries proof load testing of lifting equipment such as cranes is a mandatory requirement. A successful proof load test instills confidence in customer, operator and owner.

Sigma Hellas is offering the best alternative to weights. Crane dynamometers with remote digital indication. Accurate, user friendly, and fast. That is all that is needed.

With model BCS-d, Crane testing has never been easier.

available with capacity for:
20.000/32.000/50.000/75.000/100.000/200.000 kgs.

other applications

Wire Rope / Cable breaking strength
Offshore mooring chain proof and breaking load tests
cable tensioning optimization
elongation measuring & testing
tension measuring & testing
evaluation of mechanical properties
overhead transmission lines
offshore/underwater cable and pipe laying
overload prevention