Crane wind alarm

Regulations for maritime construction and general industry, require each rail mounted bridge and portal crane located outside of an enclosed structure to be fitted with a functional wind indicating device.

Sigma's SH101 wind monitoring system, more than meets the safety requirements by offering a variety of features and options that can satisfy most wind monitoring and crane control applications. The system includes wind speed and direction transmitters and a controller /display unit that provides the operator with continuous information and pre-alarm as well as main alarm (visual & audible).

In the event of an alarm occurrence, the “operate-with- caution” orange light begins to flash. Then, if the preset danger level is reached, the stop-operation red light will flash and the horn (or siren) will blow, telling the crane operator to secure the crane, stop operation and seek shelter. If additional connections are made, the alarm can cause a remote warning light to flash, sound a remote horn or siren, and automatically actuate the crane brakes to prevent the crane from rolling.