Crane Proof Load & Performance Dynamic Testing

Proof load testing is an essential part of any inspection, repair and maintenance programme. In many countries proof load testing of lifting equipment such as cranes is a mandatory requirement. A successful proof load test instills confidence in customer, operator and owner.

With model BCS-d, Crane testing has never been easier.

available with capacity for:
20.000/32.000/50.000/75.000/100.000/200.000 kgs.

other applications

Wire Rope / Cable breaking strength testing
Lifting/Rigging gear (slings, hooks, shackles, blocks, etc) proof load testing
Crane proof load testing
Lifeboat / life raft davit winches Proof Load Testing
Aircraft Proof Load Test
Telescope Dome Crane Load Testing
Offshore mooring chain proof and breaking load tests
Cable tensioning optimization
Elongation measuring & testing
Tension measuring & testing
PV panel post pull-out testing
Anchoring pull out test
Evaluation of mechanical properties
Overhead transmission lines
Offshore/submarine cable and pipe laying tension control
Overload prevention