Crane Proof Load & Performance Dynamic Testing

Proof load testing is an essential part of any inspection, repair and maintenance programme. In many countries proof load testing of lifting equipment such as cranes is a mandatory requirement. A successful proof load test instills confidence in customer, operator and owner.

There are a variety of applications for crane load dynamic testing, including:

Crane commissioning: Crane load dynamic testing is typically performed during the commissioning of a new crane to ensure that it is operating safely and efficiently.

Load testing: Crane load dynamic testing is also used to evaluate the capacity of a crane to safely lift and hold a load. This testing helps to identify any potential issues with the crane before it is put into service.

Performance testing: Crane load dynamic testing can also be used to evaluate the overall performance of a crane. This testing can help to identify any issues with the crane's speed, acceleration, braking, and other performance metrics.

Maintenance testing: Crane load dynamic testing is also used to evaluate the condition of a crane during routine maintenance. This testing helps to identify any wear or damage to the crane's components that may need to be addressed.

With model Sigma Force, Crane testing has never been easier.

available with capacity for:
5.000/10.000/20.000/50.000/100.000/150.000/200.000 kgs.

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