Flame Detection Typical Applications

Flame detection is generally used:-

Wherever highly combustible materials are involved

Where there is a need for instantaneous response to flame

Wherever unsupervised areas require automated fire protection

Where there is a large capital investment to be protected

Typical applications include:

Aerosol Filling Facilities
Automotive Manufacturing
Aviation Maintenance and Hangars
Chemical Processing
Chemical Storage
CNG Distribution
CNG Storage
Cogeneration Plants
Commercial and Military Aircraft Hangars
Control Rooms
Crude and Product Tank Farms
Electrostatic Finishing (Powder, Liquid, etc.)
Engine Test Cells
Explosives and Munitions
Floating Production & Storage Operations (FPSO)
Gas Collection Facilities
Gas Compressor Buildings
Gas Processing Plants Gas Transmission Rail / Truck Loading Unloading
Gas Turbine Enclosures
Gasoline Loading Terminals
General Manufacturing
Historic Buildings
Hydrogen Plants
Hydrogen Storage
LNG Distribution
LNG Storage
Loading Facilities
LPG Distribution
LPG Storage
Marine Engine Rooms
Marine Terminals
Merchant Vessels
Mining Operations
Offshore Drilling
Offshore Production Platforms
Oil & Gas Exploration
Oil & Gas Production Paint and Solvent Storage Paint Spray Booths (Powder, Liquid, etc.)
Petrochemical Plants
Petroleum Pipelines and Pumping Stations
Power Generation (Coal, Diesel, Gas, etc.)
Processing Plants
Semiconductor Clean Rooms
Semiconductor Gas Storage
Semiconductor Wet Benches
Silane Gas Cabinets
Silane Gas Manufacturing
Storage Facilities
Tank Farms