Electronic flow monitors prevent pump damage

Dry or low flow which can cause considerable damage and costly downtime to positive displacement & centrifugal pumps, can be prevented with the use of electronic flow monitors that can easily be incorporated into existing control systems.
The SI flow monitor is a rugged, reliable sensor with no moving parts that can stick or break in the process. The flow switch incorporates a microprocessor with two simple pushbuttons. This enables the sensor to be quickly and easily adjusted for an application. The LED bar graph display indicates the relative flow rate, the set-point value, and the output status. Using the SI's "teach" function, the sensor can learn the high and low flow rates.

Sewage Treatment Plant

Existing mechanical flow switches in a sewage treatment plant were hopelessly unreliable, predominantly due to the corrosive effect of hydrogen sulfide gas in extracted air on mechanical moving parts. Most units before the upgrade were “permanently disconnected”, and no longer used for control purposes.
The solution: well proven, reliable “hazardous area” electronic flow switches, for monitoring correct operation of fume extraction fans. The field mounted SF sensor and associated SR, 24vDC amplifier met this zone 1, hazardous area classification, along with other specification requirement. Added to this the advantages of “calorimetric” based sensing technology - no moving parts … no mechanical problems

Electronic Flow Monitoring in Wastewater Aeration

Aerobic bacteria in wastewater aeration tanks & sludge processes need a constant and precise supply of air.
Electronic air flow monitors offer a cost effective alternative to the conventional devices, with minimum maintenance

Cooland/Lubricant Flow monitoring

Electronic flow monitors in a scrap recycling plant for coolant/lubricant flow monitoring

Cosmetics Industry

flow compact monitors are used on site for a number of applications in the cosmetics industries, including Zone “O” rated flow monitors for use on critical flow lines in aerosol bottling plants. This plant is many times a critical process operating 24 hours per day 365 days a year. Aerosol plant downtime costs approximately € 400 per minute, so reliability of operation and ready availability of spares is the primary selection criteria.

Bottling Industry

Sanitary type “SI” flow compact monitors and “PN” compact pressure monitors are used on sanitary applications in cold drinks bottling plants

Pharmaceutical Industry

flow compact monitors are used on site for a number of applications in pharmaceutical industries, including:
pump dry running protection
product flow/no flow switching
service water flow/no flow switching
CIP return line flow detection

Monitoring Coolant

monitoring the flow of cooling water to molten glass furnace electrodes with electronic flow monitors

Dairy Industry Monitoring the wastewater flow with an electronic flow monitor