Total flooding is a common system application of carbon dioxide in many industrial applications to protect a wide variety of hazards, from delicate electronic equipment to high-voltage electrical equipment, without danger or damage, such as diesel generator rooms, cable spreading rooms, electrical switchgear rooms and similar spaces.Total flooding is also widely used in the marine sector for the protection of machinery spaces, machinery space control rooms, cargo pump rooms and dry cargo spaces. Carbon dioxide total flooding systems are sometimes used to protect the sub-floor spaces in computer or computer like facilities.

The types of hazards and equipment that carbon dioxide systems can satisfactorily protect include flammable liquid materials, electrical hazards such as transformers, switches, circuit breakers, rotating equipment, and electronic equipment, engines utilizing gasoline and other flammable liquid fuels, ordinary combustibles such as paper, wood, and textiles and hazardous solids.

Health & Safety requirements might require after a risk assessment, that CO2 detectors should be installed to monitor CO2 leaks, accidental CO2 release or flooding activation, or employee safe re-entry after a test release or an actual fire suppression flooding.

The Model Sigma 95H is a Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) Carbon Dioxide (CO2) monitor designed as a health and safety monitor for use in data processing rooms, telecommunications switching facilities, process control rooms, art & historical collections and any other room using carbon dioxide fire suppression systems.

It operates in the industrial hygiene range of 0-1000/2000/5000 ppm of CO2 and can function as an air quality monitor to detect minor leaks in the suppression system as well as warning personnel not to re-enter the area without protection following a CO2 discharge.

The same series (Sigma 95H) for high CO2 concentration levels (up to 100%) can be used for total flooding applications as well as in industrial processes ie aluminium industies.

Standard features include programmable alarm and an analogue signal output. Both models can function as stand alone units/systems with optional alarm beacons/sirens, remote digital indication of CO2, wireless telemetry, or connected to a central control system.

The units are packaged in industrial enclosures.