The pH value of meat and processed meat

The pH value can be seen as an assessment on quality!

The pH value influences the characteristics of meat and products produced from meat and in particular the

- water-binding capacity, - taste, - colour, - tenderness, - lifetime

The relevant pH range is between 4.5 and pH 8.

The development of the pH value in meat over a period of time

• The pH value of live cattle is approx. pH 7.1. • After slaughtering, the pH value sinks for the duration of 24 hours. • The pH value then starts to increase and the ageing process begins.

Three different qualities are determined according to how quickly the pH value sinks within one hour after slaughtering:

• DFD meat (dark, firm, dry) • Normal meat • PSE meat (pale, soft, exudative)

checking meat pH with one hand

The pH value of animal flesh prior to slaughter is pH7.1. After slaughter the pH of a maturing carcass will vary depending on the animal type, breed, rearing conditions, slaughter treatment, and storage. Monitoring pH will provide information hanging time, storage, and the optimum use for that meat e.g. meat being vacuum packed must be below pH 5.9 if it is to keep. Measuring pH in meat can often present some problems.

model 205 helps you to check the pH of the meat easy, accurately & quickly with one hand.

The compact, one-hand penetration pH measuring instrument model 205 is especially suitable for meat-processing businesses, e.g. in checking incoming goods, during butchering and sausage maturation.

The combination of pH penetration tip and temperature probe is ideal.
The measurement values are easily legible in the backlit display.
The pH probe is exchangeable
It is self-cleaning
Temperature compensation and final value recognition take place automatically.
All functions can be switched on and off by the user.
The measuring instrument is waterproof (IP 65).
The leak-proof storage gel prevents the pH electrode from drying out.
The practical pH buffer bottles with the dosing cap, which prevents the buffer solution from becoming contaminated, are also new.