Testing frying oil

The oil tester that can help you save frying oil and your reputation

Users either knowingly or unknowingly often discard oil too frequently in order to remain within legislation or neglect to change oil that has exceeded regulations. Common methods of monitoring the oil quality requires that oil be cooled down before measurements are taken. This can be time consuming, cumbersome, too expensive, not accurate enough or too complicated.

The handheld model 270 oil tester takes an accurate reading of the oil quality on the spot, as a percentage of total polar materials (TPM) and its temperature within 30 seconds when inserted directly into hot cooking oil. This method overcomes the hassle and inaccuracy of using testing strips, as well as the unnecessary costs of using a chemical means to monitor oil quality. There is also no wastage of usable oil if the oil is maintained at a reading below 25% TPM. This ensures that it is safe for consumption.

With the model 270, you provide your customers fried foods with a maximum of flavour. In addition, you have no problems complying with legal requirements.