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Remote Wastewater

The solution for wastewater monitoring and management

A company specialized in water treatment and control is looking to remotely access its plants across the country to improve maintenance services and process efficiency.
The solution is required to inform maintenance with system failure and preventive information such as pump running time or valves check up, using e-mail or text messages. An open solution is mandatory as different controllers are used from one plant to another.

The Data Station Plus offers numerous communication drivers and include services for e-mail and text messaging. On board intelligence handle alarms and time calculations to generate messages.
Remote access and control is also available to check on the process and take required action in case of failure. With the addition of logging, process efficiency can be monitored and reports generated ready to use. Information can be accessed via any Web browser or FTP client at no extra charge.

Solution Benefits
This solution features...

Up to five serial communication ports
Ethernet 10/100 Base T
Modem support for landline, GSM and GPRS
Embedded Web Server for remote access and control
CompactFlash card for virtually unlimited storage
Email and text messages on alarms
FTP Server and time synchronization
Data, event and security logging
Optional communication card for field-bus (Profibus, CAN Open, DeviceNet) and modem support

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Parts List…

Data Station Plus GT, VGA virtual HMI
PLC cable dependant of application

Plastic Extrusion

Extrusion controller communicates with your PLC, drives and SCADA

An integrator in the extrusion industry was asked by one of his customers to upgrade several extrusion lines. The customer wanted to eliminate the panel-mounted controllers, which were time consuming for the operators to adjust. The customer also asked that each extruder’s performance be logged for later review, both at the machine, as well as on the supervisor’s PC.

The eight-zone extruder was controlled with a Modular Controller Master module, as well as four dual PID modules, each fitted with the optional heater current input. The extruder’s pressure was monitored with a single strain gage input module. The integrator chose the G310 interface so that the operators could glance at the entire process, including information from the Modular Controller, the PLC and the variable-frequency drive, all on one screen.

Ready to use databases available for download below!

.: Solution Benefits :.

This solution features...

Hot swap design for minimum downtime
Dedicated modules for PID control, data acquisition and I/O
Touchscreen panel for process supervision
Open platform with more than 130 communications drivers
Ethernet port for network connectivity
Embedded Web Server for remote access and control
Data, event and security logging
E-mail and text messages on alarms or events

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Parts List…
G310 - 10” TFT touchscreen HMI
Modular Controller Master
Dual loop temperature PID control
Single loop strain gage PID control

:: Tank monitoring on large display ::

Communication ready large display for real time monitoring

A large supplier of plastic bottles has problems ensuring on time replenishment of raw material silos. Two production halls with moulding machines rely on the silos to provide the required materials. Each silo level is monitored via an individual weigher with local indication.
The lack of global monitoring created critical situations when levels reached low values. Even though surveillance was achieved by a staff member physically walking around the factory and checking silo levels, the risk of running out of product was really high. Production would then come to a halt, leading in late deliveries and fines being levied on the manufacturer.

The ideal solution was in the form of their Big Flexible Display and Modular Controller. The solution involved monitoring each group of weighers with a Modular Controller. The Modular Controller was connected to the factory Ethernet so any network PC could access individual silo’s information. Weights were also indicated on two large displays, one per production hall, for continuous real time indication.
In addition, the Modular Controller can generate alarms on sensor failure or low level conditions, sending automatically e-mail notification to the right recipient.

.: Solution Benefits :.

This solution features...

Graphical Large display
Open platform with more than 200 communications drivers
Ethernet port for network connectivity
Embedded Web Server for remote access and control
Alarm and event capability
Math and probability calculation
E-mail and text messages on alarms or events
Analog and digital I/O when using the Modular Controller for large display drive

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Parts List…
- Big Flexible display, 128 x 64 red LED
- Modular Controller Enhanced Master SX
- 8 channels 0-20 mA analog input card