Natural Gas Consumption Measurement (and other gases)

The most effective way to combat increasing natural gas costs is to monitor and improve the efficiency of your operations by comparing production throughput with the consumption of natural gas. This way you can determine the efficiency of individual processes and with this knowledge optimize production, resulting in increased time and money savings for your business.

Natural gas measurement is an area where that our insertion & in-line C450 & C452 series Thermal Mass Flow Meters with the most advance thermal technology, no moving parts and durable construction will help you to implement this strategy with measuring options ranging from 1/4" to 12" pipes. There are various applications where natural gas flow rate needs to be determined, and among these applications include: combustion control, sub-metering, reporting greenhouse gas emissions, and energy consumption and efficiency.

In addition to Natural Gas our flow meters can also measure N2, O2, CO2, N2O, Ar, H2, & other gases with ATEX being optional for the insertion series.

Measuring Natural Gas Flow

Natural Gas Consumption
In today’s world we are all becoming more aware of energy consumption and investigate methods to improve efficiency. The first step to improve efficiency is to establish a baseline by determining the natural gas usage, and thermal flow meters are ideal for this application as monitoring natural gas mass flow rate coming into the plant is
critical because it provides information about the plant’s natural gas demand. The conventional billing meter only reports consumption over a fixed period of time (i.e. monthly). Whereas, a thermal mass flow meter monitors flow rate, as well as consumption; thus, it provides real-time feedback about plant upset conditions, peak
demand, inefficiencies and wasted energy, improving energy management.

Natural Gas Efficiency
Combustion sources may have different efficiencies. By measuring the natural gas flow rate the user can determine which operation is more efficient. Our C450 & C452 thermal mass flow meter is the perfect solution for measuring natural gas flow rates to individual combustion sources.

Natural Gas Sub-metering
In larger facilities containing different cost centers, submetering natural gas and other utilities is frequently performed for cost allocations. When the cost of utilities is allocated to the various departments there is an increased incentive to improve efficiency and reduce natural gas usage.

All key Plant personnel such as the Plant Manager, the Maintenance Manager, or the Energy Engineer benefit from the readily available information that comes from a gas line, of an independent mass flow meter, entering the plant.

Natural Gas Meters
Compared to other flow measurement technologies, both our easy-to-install insertion thermal mass flow meters as well as in-line thermal flow meters of C450 & C452 (with ATEX option) series provide mass flow measurements without the need for temperature and pressure correction. Our meters provide excellent rangeability, outstanding low flow sensitivity, do not have any pressure loss and not only support the traditional 4-20 mA outputs and pulse outputs, but also fieldbus interface for HART, Modbus and M-Bus. In addition the insertion probe is easy to install directly into the pipe. Other flow meter types may require increased installation costs to reduce the pipe size when retrofitting existing equipment.

Typical Applications
•Industrial Facility Management & Energy Management
•Sub-metering Natural Gas
•Combustion Control in Boiler
•Natural Gas Flow Measurement into the Plant
•Performance Contracting
•Power Plants
•Steel & Metals Production
•Pulp and Paper Industry
•Textile Manufacturing
•Compressed Air Flow Measurement