Safe Key Sequencing Access Systems

Safe key sequencing access systems utilize locks and keys for sequential control of equipment and machinery to ensure safe operation. A simple system might consist of two locks and a single key.

Normally inserting the key into a lock would enable a power supply, thus in this simple system only one power supply could be enabled at any one time. Sequencing locks with a trapped key are widely used to ensure safe access to potentially live or dangerous plant or equipment in an industrial setting.

Safe access is enabled through transfer of keys that are either trapped or released in a safe sequence. For example a key is used to the isolate power, this key is then released and can then be used to gain access through a gate or door to a high risk area by inserting it in to an access lock. The key will then remain trapped until the gate or door is closed. This ensures that the gate or door can not be closed and the initial key released until this personnel or safety key is returned. This provides increased operator safety.
Interlocking is accepted by safety, insurance, and standards authorities throughout the world as the most reliable and cost effective way of guarding against operator error. Properly installed, inexpensive key interlocks may are able to prevent many types of accidents.

Typically key interlock safety systems are applied to any form of equipment which is operated by human intervention.
Selected key interlock safety systems applications in:-

Oil & Gas
Raw/Inert Materials
Paper and pulp

In the automotive industry, car tyre manufacturers use machinery in the production process line. This machinery represent a high risk for the operators.
Locking systems are dedicated to ensure the safety of people and to avoid faulty operations in such installations. We have adapted solutions for almost most existing applications.

Typical application solutions available for :

Internal mixers
Conveyor belts
Extruders lines

Chemical - Petrochemical
A wide range of locks is available for chemical and/or petrochemical applications.
Locking systems are dedicated to prevent injuries and avoid faulty operations in every condition and installation maintenance.

Typical application solutions available for :

Valves and liquids safety
Gas area
Fire protection, turbine and offshore protection

In the sector of energy, we define two basic environments for applications: Power generation - Power transmission and distribution.
Safety interlocks are widely used in both of them. However, some differences are to be identified concerning environments, temperature, indoor or outdoor positions.

Typical application solutions available for :

Wind Power
Electrostatic precipitator safety / Dedusting operations
Hydropower generation
High voltage access into a cell
Transformers access safety
High voltage - capacitor banks
High voltage - switchgear access
Medium voltage - circuit breaker
Medium voltage - grounding switch

Food & Beverage
In the food industry, accidents are recurring during the cleaning, maintenance operations, goods’ loading, etc. Simple safety processes are offered below to support you and provide your company with safety locking systems.

Food processes
Safety for industrial mixers
Silos charging - Safety procedure
Loading or unloading operations
Bottling – Logistic operations

In logistics' management, errors during operations can be controlled thanks to the key transfer principle. Our locking system allows you many possibilities depending on your application and process. You can control every sequence in which process equipment may be operated.

Typical application solutions available for :

Silos charging
Loading or unloading operation
Truck or trains loading
Palletising /Shipping

Mines can have hazardous environments and the possibility of fire, flood, explosion and collapse with the potential to affect simultaneously a large number of people. Our locking systems and safety procedures can help you to prevent serious injuries during technical operations and maintenance.

Typical application solutions available for :

Chain - belts ore - coal handling conveyors
Compressor stations
Cooling towers
Skip and cage mine hoist
Water accumulator installations

Oil & Gas
In the Oil and Gas industry, workers' safety and health are important. Thanks to the key transfer principle, you can control the sequence in which process equipment may be operated, such as:-

Electrostatic precipitator safety
Gas area
Fire protection, turbine and offshore protection
Tanker loading
Safety for valves
Unload at drilling site

Raw/Inert Materials
In the Raw/Inert Materials sector, accidents are recurring during maintenance operations or working line process. Our locking systems and safety procedures can help you to prevent serious injuries during these operations.

Typical application solutions available for :

Silo charging
Safety for sand compartment
Safety for industrial mixers
Press safety
Skip safety example 1
Batching plants
Skip safety example 2

Paper and Pulp
The manufacture of pulp, paper, and paper products is one of the world’s largest industries employing more than 6 million people worldwide. In that kind of activity, machine guarding is very important in any successful safety program for equipment with moving parts that may lacerate, burn, crush, or amputate.
Such injuries can be very severe and may cause time away from work, disfigurement, and even death. Operation of this equipment is extremely dangerous and wherever these conditions exist, the hazards must be eliminated or controlled with proper machine guards.

Typical application solutions available for :
- Digester
- Grinders
- Washers & screens series
- Extruders
- Hydropulper

Interlocks systems were originally devised for railway applications. Nowadays these systems are the reference for all safety procedures in this domain. This experience guarantees you the typical locking systems fitting with your application.

Typical application solutions available for :

Power substations
Loading/unloading operations
Rolling stock

Steel is one of the basic building blocks of the modern world.
Steel mills evoke images of strenuous, hot, and potentially dangerous work. While many dangerous and difficult jobs still exist in the steel industry, modern equipment and facilities have helped to change this. The most strenuous tasks were among the first to be automated. For example, computer-controlled machinery helps to monitor and move iron and steel through the production processes, reducing the need for heavy labour. Nevertheless, large machinery and molten metal can be hazardous unless safety procedures are observed.

Because of this, interlock products are used by the main companies in the sector and provide them with safety interlocks for their production areas. Special locks are designed for this specific environment.

Typical application solutions available for :

Crushers or grinders
Access to conveying areas
Access to melting areas continuous casting lines
Press and extruding areas
Rolling areas