Solar radiation

On site measurement and monitoring of photovoltaic installations, optimum orientation of solar panels, and performance follow-up.

Measurement and spot check of solar power in W/m2

- running values
- average
- min./max. values
- hold function

Calculation in Wh/m2
Results (Wh/m2) saved when instrument is switched off with the portable pyranometer SOL100 or SOL200 when logging is also needed.


permanent installation pyranometer (SLS100) with analogue signal output

dedicated to monitor the proper operation of photovoltaic plants

allowing continuous monitoring of plants performance making it possible to:

Study sunshine (direction and aperture blockage)
Specify the type of generator to use (photovoltaic or thermal)
Specify the optimal direction for installation of pannels
Make an evaluation of the energy exposure which will be produced
Control the conformity of the installation
Control installation and planned efficiency
Control the proper functioning of the installation