Storage and production of sensitive goods

In almost every area of the industry the humidity measurement becomes more and more important, in order to achieve a steady quality standards. The storage and production of hygroscopic goods of any type are inconceivable without observance of specific humidity limits.

Sensitive goods e. g. PVC, paper, pharmaceutical products, leather or textiles have to be produced and stored under defined ambient conditions. These products have hygroscopic properties. In other words, depending on the ambient humidity they either absorb water vapour (sorption) or give off water vapour to the ambient air (desorption). If the relative humidity of a room is too high or too low, will result in negative quality effects on the products, which possibly cannot be eliminated afterwards anymore. As a preventive measure, the room climate of all sensitive products and processes should be monitored.

With model 608-H2 you can monitor steadily and precise temperature, relative humidity and the dewpoint. The use of the patented humidity sensor guarantees a professional measurement with an accuracy of ±2% relative humidity. One of the outstanding properties of the humidity sensor is its long term stability over years of usage.

The measured Min/Max values are extracted via the Mode button. In the menu upper and lower limit values for temperature, humidity or dewpoint can be entered, which would trigger a visual alarm when exceeded.

For the problem-free handling and storage of sensitive goods the following temperatures and relative humidities are recommended:

Production of PVC foils:

approx. 20°C at approx. 60%RH

Development of films:

approx. 20°C at approx. 60%RH

Drying of films:

22...25°C at approx. 50%RH

Production of gelatine capsules:

approx. 20°C at approx. 20%RH

Storage of gelatine capsules:

20...25°C at 25...40%RH

Production of penicillin:

approx. 24°C at approx. 60%RH

Storage of paper

approx. 20°C at 50...65%RH

Storage of solid board:

approx. 20°C at 55...60%RH

Storage of shoe leather:

10...20°C at 50...65%RH

Storage/production of leather goods:

20...23°C at 55...65%RH

Moist storage of leather gloves:

approx. 15°C at approx. 95%RH

Combing/stretching of cotton:

20...25°C at 55...65%RH

Combing of wool:

20...25°C at 65...70%RH

Weaving of linen:

20...25°C at 70...75%RH

Storage and processing of food
Correct storage and processing conditions are of great importance.

Recommended temperatures and ambient humidity for the processing and storage of food:

Storage of potatoes:

appox. 5°C at approx. 85%RH

Storage of onions:

approx. 1,5°C at approx. 80%RH

Storage of salad:

approx. 1°C at approx. 90%RH

Storage of tea

15...20°C at 60...65%RH

Storage of meat in cold stores

0.....3°C at 80...85%RH

Hanging of meat:

2.....4°C at 85...90%RH

Storage of bread dough:

30...40°C at ca. 65%RH

Sale of bred (counter):

approx. 20°C at 50...60%RH

Storage (maturing) of cheese:

2...15°C at 75...85%RH

Manufacturing of cookies:

15...20°C at 40...55%RH

Manufacturing of chocolate:

16...18°C at 50...55%RH

Storage of chocolate:

15...20°C at 40...55%RH

Manufacturing of sweets:

20...24°C at 40...45%RH

Storage of sweets:

approx. 18°C at 45...50%RH

Storage of eggs:

8...10°C at 70...80%RH

Storage of honey:

approx. 2°C at approx. 75%RH

Data logging

Data logging is offering important evidence

The logging requirements in storage, cold storage, and production areas, become a very easy and economic case with the series 175.

They provide you with a LCD display indicating the current and max / min temperature, alarm, battery status, a LED for operation and alarm.
Measuring cycle from 10 sec up to 24 hours adjustable. Protection IP68
Button startup
Memory from 7800 (175-T1) to 16,000 (175-H2) readings
Guarantee for 2 years
Fast reading memory Standard lithium battery > 2.5 years Support base and padlock
Suitable for food safety (EN12830)
Secure data storage, even with empty (or without) battery. Transferring data: in H / Y or laptop via USB port or RS232, to a portable printer (575) with data & graphs, a portable data collector unit (580), or sending an email.
Weight 90 grams.
Operating range: -35 ... +70 ° C,
accuracy: ± 1 ° C (-35 ...- 20 ° C), ± 0.5 ° C (-20 ... +70 ° C) (175-T1)
-20...+70°C, 0...+100% RH (175-H2)