Leak Detection with a correlator

Leak Detection in a City

City centre distribution systems are extremely dynamic during daytime hours - and often at night
Multiple connection junctions provide a large number of possible routes for the leak noise, making it difficult to track down the source of the leak
Mains are often of large diameter, giving rise to low frequency leak noise being transmitted through the system. This type of leak noise is inaudible to the human ear
Ambient noise from traffic makes it difficult to concentrate and to discriminate differing levels of leak noise
Visual observations are often misleading due to the many underground services that can channel water leakage away from its source
The safety of pedestrians and motorists must be taken into account at all times
In the metropolitan environment there is an increased risk of equipment theft, particularly when correlating.

As a result of these problems, leak detection in the city centre is often time consuming, expensive and ineffective.

Sigma Hellas Ltd. offers a variety of leak detection equipment that can help the leakage team to meet any challenge.


Leaks on pipelines and fire lines pose a particularly daunting problem for contractors and maintenance personnel. A small leak is not ever likely to surface, but it can result in enough pressure loss to fail the testing of a new pipeline or make it impossible to maintain static pressure on a fire system. Even large leaks, at sufficient depth, will remain hidden and refuse to surface or reveal their location.

Digging up a pipeline or fire line to locate a leak is an extreme and expensive undertaking that is not always successful. A small leak can exist at the bottom of a partially exposed line and yet remain hidden to excavators, rendering their considerable effort fruitless.

Using our specialized equipment, all your leaks can be accurately located at depths common to pipelines and fire lines.