Optimizing Oil Power Plants

reduce operating costs, protect the environment, and prove compliance

Rapid increases in the cost of fuel has made fuel consumption cost control imperative to increasing bottom line profitability, together with the subjects of reduced operational costs, Efficiency Management, and improved environmental performance being pushed at the top of every oil power plant’s, major operator’s priorities. Throughout the sector, the focus is on energy consumption and efficiency, more than ever before.

Proper operation of a diesel engine means the minimum specific fuel consumption at each load, increased service life of mechanical parts and increased power generation which is very important especially if the plant has seasonal peaks.

Furthermore, a properly adjusted and in good condition engine implies limited emissions of gaseous pollutants (NO, NO2, CO, CO2, etc.) that in turn ensure comfortable secure specific environmental conditions ie compliance with the legislation and avoidance of penalties and fines.

The big challenge for all oil power plants worldwide, it is to have a fair balance between the environmental protection requirements and their obligation to produce electricity economically. It is therefore necessary to use whatever technological advantage available, so that the plants operate cost effectively.
Although over the years, numerous aspects of the diesel engines have been subjected to modifications and treatments in attempts to make the engines more efficient, it is a known fact that as time go by

• combustion efficiency is deteriorating
• fuel consumption is increasing
• CO2 emissions are increasing
• NOx emissions are decreasing

what we offer
A unique user friendly portable multi purpose measurement system with certified equipment & methodology

With the proven and certified Germanischer Lloyd technology of 365 EMDS you can optimize Engine performance for fuel consumption benefits without exceeding NOx limits and be able to know consumption costs. The system also includes full engine diagnostics so that head office can have valuable information, trends, and comparisons with historical data at any time.

The 365 EMDS has only 2 probes and therefore in addition to being easy to use, measurement takes between 20 – 30 minutes only.

When the 365 EMDS is delivered it is calibrated with details from the technical files of the engines that are to be monitored.

The state of the art portable 365 EMDS system offers the following main benefits:
• Fast measurement during operation
• No installation necessary or interference with existing infrastructure
• Easy handling by your personnel
• Flexibility- enables measurement of all engines with one system
• Highly accurate measurement of FOC of single cylinders and the entire engine
• Fuel & NOx optimized engine with resulting fuel savings
• Restore poorly performing engines to top efficiency
• Exact knowledge of the current specific NOx emissions in relation to the current limit value and test bed data
• Additional measurement parameters such as O2, CO, CO2 and SO2 in one instrument
• Highly accurate cylinder pressure measurement
• Sophisticated engine diagnosis that offers a multitude of useful information about the condition of engines
• Power Measurement and Performance
• Comparing easily actual engine performance data with data from FAT
• Checking installed fuel oil flow meters
• Obtaining measurement results by email within 30 minutes at Head Office if necessary
• Long term investigations and trend from Head Office
• Energy Efficiency Management
• Green Company Image
• Your company will be ready for the future forthcoming regulations

Although many systems and options are now available to assist the operator in plant performance analysis and improvement, nothing is as easier, faster and more economical to implement, than the unique Germanischer Lloyd approved multi purpose portable 365 EMDS system, that also gives you an extremely quick payback period.