Energy Audits

An energy audit identifies energy consumption that is in excess of what is needed to adequately serve a facility.The Energy Audit report can be used as the starting point for Feasibility Studies, Energy Management Plans, Retrofitting Existing Systems, and Design of new Energy Efficient Processes. The report of findings should also list potential improvements, showing anticipated energy savings and an estimate of the cost to achieve those savings. The auditing process itself doesn’t fix anything. It merely provides a “roadmap” that shows where savings are.

Home Energy Audit

A very high percentage of the all energy is used in homes. Where does all of the energy go? Over 40% of the energy consumed in a home is used for heating and cooling, water heating and lighting uses around 20%, and appliances including refrigeration use more than 15%. These energy users can also be areas where energy savings can be achieved. A home energy survey/audit is the first step to determine how much energy a home uses and opportunities where energy can be saved. The survey/audit can discover inefficiencies in a home and provide solutions for increased efficiency.

This is intended to result in investments by building owners that produce the following outcomes:

  • Increase the energy efficiency of homes;
  • Increase the comfort of homes;
  • Increase the durability of homes;
  • Ensure that energy improvement recommendations are portrayed with reasonable and consistent projections of energy savings;
  • Reduce the risk that energy improvement recommendations will contribute to health, safety, or building durability problems; and
  • Reduce waste and pollution, protecting the environment.

A Comprehensive Home Energy Audit
The purpose of the Comprehensive Home Energy Audit is to cause improvement to be made to the audited home. The Comprehensive Audit includes an evaluation, performance testing and proposed treatments for improvement of an existing home. The evaluation shall include a review of the data collected from any previous energy audit or survey, any further required measurement and performance testing, combustion appliance testing, and a computerized simulation analysis of the home's energy performance and a calculation of the energy and environmental savings from improving the energy performance of the home. The performance analysis shall determine the scope of work for the home.

Sigma Hellas is offering suitable instruments and systems for cost effective energy audits a few of which are listed hereunder:-

Electrical power analyzers for measurement of Power, Demand, Energy, Power Quality/ Harmonics, Event logs, Data logs, Trending, etc.

Compressed Air Analyzers for measurement of compressed air consumption & losses.

Thermal Cameras for non-invasive checks on structures and components to find defects and dangerous problems before they cause significant damage.

Ultrasonic flow meters for non-invasive flow measurement of consumption & losses.

Pressure meters

Flue gas analyzers for measurement of CO, O2, H2S, HC, NOx, SO2, CO2

Wireless telemetry with high performance Radio data modems

Ambient CO2

Light Intensity