Concrete pavement thickness measurement in ONE Easy Step

Field tests and measurements easily - fast - reliably

Determining concrete pavement/flatwork thickness the easy way!

Save thousands of euros or dollars on your next job by determining concrete pavement/flatwork thickness in ONE Easy Step! No drilling, no coring, and no need to excavate to determine concrete slab thickness and integrity using the Concrete Thickness Meters.
The concrete thickness testing instruments are non-destructive, battery-powered handheld systems for measuring the thickness and integrity of concrete slabs, pavements, tunnel linings, walls and other plate-like structures. These systems feature a handheld gauge that records thickness information, a handheld test head (shown attached to pole) for generating and receiving sound waves and a telescoping pole for use on concrete slabs or overhead.
The concrete thickness testing instruments require no special knowledge or training. It reliably measures the thickness of any type of concrete using the Impact Echo (IE) principle. Use it right out of the case with built-in default concrete parameters. For even greater accuracy, the unit features a simple calibration mode to measure the concrete velocity. Simply test at a point of known concrete thickness as a calibration reference for the speed of sound in that concrete and start testing!


Ruggedized handheld test head with integrated displacement transducer and solenoid impactor
No coupling agents required for use of test head on concrete or masonry
Works on cured, hardened concrete suspended in air at any angle, or slab on grade
Easy to read large color transflective LCD display for outdoors with switchable backlight for indoors
Works through paint and most types of bonded even checks tile bonding!
Accuracy typically + 2% at high resolution when calibrated on known thickness
English units (inches) or Metric (centimeters) thickness and spectral echo thickness signal display
Easy velocity calibration at known thickness locations
Lightweight at only 2.0kg including test head & handheld unit with batteries
Store 300 tests and download test time/date and results directly into your PC
Import thickness data table into popular spreadsheet programs
Super Thin (ST) and Surface Wave (SW) concrete options available on various models

There are two base models, the 1T and the 1TF. The 1T allows you to test the thickness of concrete from 82mm to 1,8m (3.2 inches to 6 feet). It has a thickness summary table you may download into any spreadsheet.
The next base model is the 1TF which gives you the ability to download the actual time domain Impact Echo wave form data, in addition to the thickness summary table, which can be digitally transferred via a serial port for flaw analyses. This model also tests between 82mm to 1,8m (3.2 inches to 6 feet).
To each of the above models the options of ST for Super Thin and SW Velocity for Surface Wave can be added.
The ST will allow the CTG to test from 38,1mm to 1,8m (1.5 inches to 6 feet) rather than 82mm to 1,8m (3.2 inches to 6 feet).

The SW model on the 1T allows you to check the concrete quality/velocity from one side without having to know the thickness of the concrete being tested to increase the accuracy of the thickness measurements in cases where unknown thickness location is not available for velocity calibration.