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Identification signage systems

We supply a range of plastic signs for safety, identification and warning.

Screen printed signs, injection moulded signs, laser engraved signs and traffolyte.

Plastic Screen Printed Signs

• Manufactured to any size, colour or text as required
• Manufactured from durable PMMA foam
• Printed in multiple colours to your design
• Stable solutions in many colours and formats
• Printed areas are coated to extend shelf life
• Weather and UV resistant
• Fixing holes can be added to your requirements
• Highly resistant inscription suitable for indoor and outdoor applications

Injection Moulded Signs

• Can be designed to and shaped to fit any bespoke profile
• Can be customised to your size or colour
• UV stabilised and weather resistant
• Signs are coloured right through limiting fading

Laser Engraved Signs

• Text and symbols are engraved onto a different coloured co-extruded plastic
• Weather and chemical resistant - suitable for external use
• Extremely accurate engraving allows the use of barcode systems
• Available in many sizes and colours
• Traffolyte Engraved Signs