The Reinforcement Bar Locator - Model 51

used to test steel-bar diameter, Distribution, backing thickness for concrete



1. High precision and stability. The instrument can locate the steel-bar accurately and quickly.
2. Longer service life of the sensor. Improved service life by paste abrasion resistance allowance on the bottom of the sensor.
3.Single sensor. No-change of sensor in test. Precision of test data and the test depth, switching between high and low test range.
4 Display test information in real-time. Interpret and display the test data Intelligently to avoid man-made errors.
5. Good quality of signal cable. The signal cable has long service life because of its flexible and substance.
6. Powerful data process and analysis software in windows. Test data can be exported to word or Excel easily.

Technical Data

Applicable steel-bar diameter    Ф6 mmФ50 mm
Tested range of concrete backing thickness Low range: 6 mm~90 mm;

High range: 7 mm~190 mm

permissible error          Low range              High range
±1              6~59                      7~79
±2            60~69                   80~119
±4            70~90                 120~190
Tested range of steel-bar diameter Ф6 mm~Ф50 mm
Permissible error of steel-bar diameter test ±1 grade
Environmental Temperature: -10℃~+40℃; Dampness: <90%RH

EMI: no Strong electromagnetic field

Power supply 6 dry cells, work more than 30 times