Flue gas emissions

Flue gas emissions from fossil fuel combustion result from the burning of fossil fuels. Most fossil fuels are combusted with ambient air (as differentiated from combustion with pure oxygen). Since ambient air contains about 79 volume percent gaseous nitrogen (N2), which is essentially non-combustible, the largest part of the flue gas from most fossil fuel combustion is uncombusted nitrogen. The next largest part of the flue gas is carbon dioxide (CO2) which can be as much as 10 to 15 volume percent or more of the flue gas. This is closely followed in volume by water vapor (H2O) created by the combustion of the hydrogen in the fuel with atmospheric oxygen. Much of the 'smoke' seen pouring from flue gas stacks is this water vapor forming a cloud as it contacts cool air.

A typical flue gas from the combustion of fossil fuels will also contain some very small amounts of nitrogen oxides (NOx), sulfur dioxide (SO2) and particulate matter. The nitrogen oxides are derived from the nitrogen in the ambient air as well as from any nitrogen-containing compounds in the fossil fuel. The sulfur dioxide is derived from any sulfur-containing compounds in the fuels. The particulate matter is composed of very small particles of solid materials and very small liquid droplets which give flue gases their smoky appearance.

The increase in all kinds of combustion is contaminating the environment with ever-greater concentrations of pollutants. Smog formation, acid rain and the growing numbers of allergies are direct consequences of this development. The solution to environmentally sound energy production must therefore involve reducing pollutant emissions. Pollutants in flue gas can only effectively be reduced if existing plants operate as efficiently as possible or noxious boilers are shut down. Flue gas analysis offers a means of determining pollutant concentrations and adjusting heating installations for maximum efficiency.

Flue gas analysis offers a means of determining pollutant concentrations.

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