Model 520 - Metal Detector for water pipes, cables and covers

Model 520 was designed to locate water mains, pipes and cables but is also the perfect choice for location work in cluttered areas and at depths where other metal detectors simply do not work.

Deep-seeking and accurate - Can locate a 100mm (4") metal water main at 1.20m (46") and will locate valves even when the frame and cover are missing.
Unaffected by temperature changes or power lines -

  • Model 520 is unaffected by changes in temperature and moisture and overhead power lines (where normal tracing can not be used).
  • Stable and reliable - Model 520 does not need constant zeroing or recalibrating and is built to last.
  • Clear Audio Signal - Loudspeaker with a clear audio tone. In noisy environments simply connect headphones to the socket point.
  • Internal Battery - no need to find replacement batteries.