Underground Cable Detector

Product Description

Model 700 is a live underground cable detector, which also gives an indication of cable depth. It can save you time and money by avoiding unnecessary excavation.

This lightweight and rugged live underground cable detector has one control knob for all functions and a clear analogue meter to help estimate cable depth.

Saves excavation time - Model 700 live cable detector is used to find current-carrying cables, their direction and their depth, down to 5 meters (16 feet).
Easy to use - Designed without any unnecessary extras.One control does it all!
Clear audio signal - A peak in the signal accurately locates the live cable so its orientation can be determined.

Note: The Live Cable Locator can only find electrical cables that have a current flowing through them. It will not locate cable through which no power is being drawn.

Technical Specification
Dimensions 960mm x 100mm x 75mm (37.7 x 3.9 x 2.9”)
Frequency 50 Hz and 60 Hz (third harmonic)
Sensitivity 4mA/m 5nWb/m²
Weight 1.27kg (2.8lb)
Power Supply 1 x 9V PP3 Cells (Alkaline)
Approximate Detection Range of Load carrying Live Cables down to 5m (16’)