Open Channel & Partially Filled Pipe Flow Meters

Sigma 6000-P series

Portable Flow Meter for Partially Filled Pipes & Open Channels

20 coordinate points to describe the river’s shape of cross section.
One instrument can measure the velocity, depth and conductivity at same time.
Velocity Range : 0.02mm/s to 10m/s bi-directional, accuracy is 1%.
Depth Range: 0 to 10m
Measure velocity in both forward flow and back flow.
Depth is measured by both the pressure sensor and ultrasonic level sensor principles.
With coordinate correction and pressure compensation function.
IP68 Epoxy-sealed body design, long time under water.
RS485/MODBUS output, can contact computer directly.

Power supply: Control unit:220VAC (battery);Sensor:12VDC
IP rating: Control unit: IP66,Sensor: IP68
Operating temperature: 0℃ ~+60℃ water temperature
Control unit Display: 4.5” color LCD
Control unit output: 4-20mA, RS485( Modbus-RTU),Data logger,GPRS
Sensor size: 135mm x 50mm x 20mm (L x W x H)
Applications: Partially Filled Pipes:200-10000mm; Open Channel: 200-10000mm
Flow calculation: Velocity;Totalizer Pipe, Channel type Partially filled pipe, Open Channel and River, Stream
Sensor material: Epoxy-sealed body, Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel Mounting Bracket
Sensor weight: 1kg with 15m of cable, it can extend o 100m
Velocity range: 20mm/s-0.8m/s; 20mm/s-1.6m/s; 20mm/s-3.2m/s (default); 20mm/s- 6.4m/s; 20mm/s-13.2m/s
Bi-directional velocity measurement capability
Velocity accuracy: ±1% typical
Velocity resolution: 1mm/s
Depth range: Ultrasonic Sensor: 20mm up to 5m above top surface
40mm up to 5m from base
Temperature resolution: 0.1°C
Cable: The standard cable length is 15m, the maximum option is 50m.
Power usage: 10V to 24VDC, 50µA standby, 100mA/s
SDI-12: SDI-12V 1.3recorder (1200 baud smart instrument channel)

Sewer Flow
Storm water Monitoring
Natural Streams
Irrigation Water
Recycled Water


Portable/Handheld surface water Flow Meter

Surface Water Flow / Velocity Measurement
for Open channels, Rivers, Streams, Hydrology

A flow meter in a ruged cast-metal exterior and the world’s most sensitive transmitter/receiver as well as miniaturized and modernized electronics. Its direction sensing software and updated algorithms position the Pro II as a new-generation radar ideal for the task of accurate and reliable water flow measurement using Ka Band for superior performance in measuring water flow.
To make it better suited for the different elevated perspectives in comparing water flow at different times or locations, the flow meter utilizes a unique automatic vertical tilt compensation automatically adjusting its
speed reading based on the angle the radar points at the target flow.
With a vertical angle accuracy of ±2° and vertical angle resolution of 1°, if an operator takes one reading pointing down at 45°, then takes another at 50°, both flow readings will be adjusted and directly comparable.

• Automatic vertical tilt compensation
• Units: m/s, cm/s, MPH, km/h, ft/s
• 0.2 m/s - 18.0 m/s range
• ±0.1 m/s accuracy
• Direction sensing
• Ka-Band for greater accuracy

General Specifications
Operating Frequency: 34.7 GHz (Ka-band)
Environmental: Operating: -30°C to +70°C, 90% relative humidity
Mechanical: Weight – 0.52 kg (1.15 lb) Diameter – 6.7 cm (2.6 in.) Length – 11.8 cm (4.7 in.)
Case Material – Aluminum and magnesium die cast
Accuracy: ±0.1 m/s; ±10 cm/s; ±0.22 MPH; ±0.36 km/h; ±0.32 ft/s
Speed Range: 0.2 m/s to 18.0 m/s; 20 cm/s to 1,800 cm/s; 0.4 MPH to 40 MPH;
0.72 km/h to 64.8 km/s; 0.66 ft/s to 59 ft/s
Vertical Angle Accuracy: ±2°
Vertical Angle Resolution: 1°

Factory Configuration
Tilt Sensor: Automatic vertical angle from internal tilt sensor or Selected in Field Configuration settings
Units: m/s (meters/sec), cm/s (centimeters/sec),MPH (miles/hour), km/h (kilometers/hour)
or ft/s (feet per second)
Serial Port: RS-232 and RS-485 simultaneously

Field Configuration
Transmit/Hold: Turns the microwave transmitter On or Off
Radar Zone: Away, Closing or Auto directional sensitivity may be selected
Horizontal Angle: Angles from 0° to 60° may be selected in 5° increments
Vertical Angle: If not configured for automatic vertical tilt angle, angles from 0° to 60° may be
selected in 5° increments
Sensitivity: 4 levels of field sensitivity may be selected (1/2/3/4 max)
Test Mode: Initiates a speed sensor self-test followed by a 60 second tuning fork mode, during
which time directionality screening is disabled and the speed sensor will respond to
any target direction (away or closing) or to non-directional targets (like tuning forks)



Measurement principle
Sigma CC-WLSR radar current meter uses the Doppler effect to measure the surface flow velocity of the river. By emitting ISM24GHz electromagnetic waves, irradiating the river surface, the river back scatters the electromagnetic waves to obtain echoes, and measures the Doppler frequency shift of the echoes. river surface velocity. Therefore, during the measurement process, the device cannot be moved at will, and changing the orientation of the device will affect the measurement results.
When the flow rate of the river is too low, the water surface is relatively calm, then according to the principle of electromagnetic scattering, the back scattering of electromagnetic waves by the water surface is very weak, and the speed at this time can not be measured. At this time, the
surface flow meter will upload 0 speed to indicate the current working state. Therefore, radar tachometers are not suitable for measuring very calm fluid surfaces.

• Non- contact, safe and low loss, less maintenance, not affected by sediment
• Capable of measuring under high flow velocity conditions during flood period
• With anti-reverse, over-voltage protection functionality
• The system power consumption is low, and the general solar power supply can meet the current measurement needs
•A variety of interface methods, both digital interface and analog interface, compatible with standards
• Modbus-RTU protocol is convenient to access the system
•It can be independently connected with the current urban water regime, sewage and environmental automatic monitoring and reporting system
• Wide range of speed measurement, effective measurement distance up to 40m
• Multiple trigger modes: cycle, manual, automatic
• Easy installation
• Fully waterproof design, suitable for outdoor use

Technical Characteristics
Power Supply: 12VDC
Signal output: RS485
Frequency: 24GHz
Range: 0.15~15m/s or 0.15~20m/s
Accuracy: ±0.01m/s;±1%FS
Resolution: 0.01m/s
Antenna beam angle: 20*12°
IP rating: IP67
Size: 125*120*60mm
Support size: 130*120*130mm
Cable length: 10m std
Housing material: S/S 304