Chlorine derivatives are commonly used for their disinfectant properties. Chlorine is highly toxic. The toxins take their route through the lungs irritating the respiratory tract. High doses of chlorine gas can cause death quite rapidly.

Effects of Various Cl2 Levels

Chlorine Levels
in PPM Resulting Condition/Effects on Humans
.5 Permissible Exposure Level (OSHA, ACGIH)
3 Irritation of the mucous membranes, eyes, and respiratory tract. 3.5 Produces an easily detectable odor
15 Causes immediate irritation of the throat
30 Maximum exposure for 30 minute period
100-150 Pain, tightness in the chest, and death results from prolonged exposure
Source: Dangerous Properties of Industrial Materials (Sixth Edition) by N. Irving Sax

Applications in water treatment plants, waste water treatment plants, municipal pools, pulp and paper.

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