Underground metallic water pipes and cables locators

4000A Series Underground Cable and Pipeline Locator

The 4000A Series underground cable and pipe locator can accurately locate and measure the buried depth of underground pipelines, cables, and optical cables without excavation as well as locate the damaged point of the outer anti-corrosion layer of the underground pipe and the fault point of the buried cable. It is suitable for various underground detection and inspection of metal pipelines, pipeline management and maintenance, municipal planning and construction, power supply and other departments.

Multiple Functions

1) Transmitter: three connection modes: inductive connection, direct connection and clamp connection; suitable for different applications.

2) The receiver functions: detecting the position, path, depth and tube current of underground pipes and cables.

3) Left and right positioning arrows indicate the target pipeline position fast and accurately; front and rear arrows and dB value indicates the point and size of the coating damage.

4) Backlight suitable for urgent use in the nighttime.

5) Optional GPS geolocation with the automatic mapping of the pipelines.

6) Optional professional data analysis software with the automatic detection report.

7) Unique feature of HZ-4000 : locating the breakdown points (pipeline breakdowns refer to the coating damaged points while electric cable breakdowns refer to the outer layer damages.); detecting the insulation damages of underground pipe and cable.


• Route tracing
• Depth measurement
• Construction pipeline survey
• Cable (live and dead cable)
• Metallic pipeline
• Nonmetallic pipeline

• Color compass display:Underground pipelines penetration, infra-field multiple underground pipelines display
• Real-time tracing correct/error indication to suppress interference from the nearby pipelines
• Enhanced precision depth measurement: real-time depth measurement
• Depth measurement auxiliary sensor: interference indication
• Enhanced passive detection: Multiple pipelines can be displayed simultaneously
• High performance transmitting clamp: running cable coupling signal transmitting
• Flexible clamp unique identification: convenient and highly reliable
• High power digital amplifier transmission, automatic impedance matching, automatic protection
• High sensitivity, 2Hz ultra-low bandwidth receiving, high anti-interference
• Transmitting and receiving all digital process, stable and reliable
• IP65 Optional extension function modules:
• L1/L5 high-precision GPS module: positioning, distance measurement
• Internal storage module: 256 pieces of detection data can be stored
• Bluetooth communication module: upload detection data to the host station.
• Magnetic field detection mode:PCM method erosion resistant coating broken detection