Chlorine is used extensively as a disinfectant and oxidant for the purification of water in swimming pools and cooling towers. Some  typical measurement applications include:

  • Drinking water distribution systems
  • wastewater treatment
  • Recycling of water in cooling towers
  • Disinfection of water in pools
  • Processes in beverage and food production

In all cases, whether control is automatic or not, chlorine supply is regulated by measuring the residual chlorine after a fixed time from the time of supply.

Sigma Hellas in addition to various water quality control systems has also available for this purpose the automatic system for residual chlorine monitoring 95CL with applications in water and industry.

Model 95CL Residual Chlorine Monitoring System
(without reagents,  temperature and pH compensated)

Reagent-free Measurement.
This microprocessor-based measurement system uses a unique combination of pH, temperature, and chlorine sensor inputs to produce highly accurate, reliable measure-ments - without using costly reagents - in applications where the process does not exceed 8.5 pH.

Temperature and pH Correction.
This system automatically compensates for the influences of temperature and pH, providing highly accurate chlorine measurements.

Multiple Measurement Readings/Outputs.
The analyzer displays readings for:

  • Free residual chlorine
  • Hypochlorous acid (HOCl)
  • pH
  • Temperature

Four 4-20 mA outputs can be independently set up to track any of these measured parameters.

Replaceable Chlorine Sensor Membrane Cap.
The chlorine sensor has a unique membrane cap to ensure repeatable measurements and simplify maintenance.

Pre-plumbed Sampling Assembly.
The pre-plumbed sampling assembly, housed in a NEMA 4X enclosure along with a built-in flowmeter and adjustable flow rate control, greatly simplifies installation and operation.

Software Security Access.
Built-in passcode access, when enabled, prevents unauthorized alteration of stored values while allowing an operator to recall any setup value.

Dedicated Relay Control.
Four solid-state relays provide dedicated control and alarm functions for free residual chlorine and pH. Adjustable relay setpoints and deadbands, and selectable operating modes that respond to increasing or decreasing reading provide configuration versatility to meet your application requirements.

Add-on Accessory for High pH Applications.
A special pH buffering system is available for applications where the process exceeds 8.5 pH. The buffering system has a flow-thru housing assembly and solid buffer cartridge which eliminates the need for pumps, valves, and tubing that liquid-type buffering systems require.