Medical Thermography

see the body with different eyes

Medical Thermography is extremely valuable for the early detection of many health conditions and has been used for the past 20 years - most recently for reliable, early detection of Breast Cancer.

The thermal imaging camera is offering the opportunity of endless measurements at all possible points of patient's skin surface without causing any discomfort to the patient, accumulating information on the status of the body as a whole, to allow early and reliable diagnosis of a wide range of injuries and conditions before they create serious and irreversible problems.

Medical Thermography Applications include:

Fever Scanning

Breast Cancer scanning

Animal Research

Spinal Scanning

Prostate Cancer scanning

Race Horse Exams

Full Body Scanning

Skin Cancer scanning

Equine Exams


Arthritis scanning

Burn Depth Assessment

Oral Pathologies

Sports Related Injuries

Open Heart Surgery

Chronic Pain

Vascular Exams

Night Patient observation

Chiropractic Exams


Visualization of the problem
Easy Scan Anywhere
Non invasive
No radiation
No contact with the body

Thermography is a crucial addition to any wellness program

Model 885-2M

Model 885-2M is a thermal imager in the camcorder design. In addition to the fold-out, rotatable display, the camera also offers a rotatable handle. This allows having the ideal working position for every measurement, whether above the user’s head or at floor level. Beside the well-proven operation with the joystick, it is possible to operate the thermal imager directly on the touchscreen with the newly developed hybrid operation.
885 has a detector with 320 x 240 pixels and offers a larger field of view as standard with a 30° lens. Furthermore the camera has an exchangeable telephoto lens available in order to be able to analyse far away objects in every detail. Regarding the thermal sensitivity, we have broken a sound barrier with 885: we have reached a NETD of < 30 mK!

The SuperResolution Technology will also be offered with 885: with this technology we obtain a four times higher resolution of 640 x 480 pixels in the stored image and an improvement of the geometric resolution by a factor of 1.6.
A further innovation is the panorama image assistant: The size of a measurement object can be just as much of a challenge in thermography. When it is not possible to record the measurement object with a single image, the new panorama assistant makes a total view out of several individual images. This means you can conveniently analyze an overview of even very large targets without losing the attention to detail.

Furthermore we offer our users the new SiteRecognition technology: Many similar measurement objects mean many similar thermal images. Previously, in order to be able to allocate the measurements clearly to the different measurement sites, users needed to keep complex lists, or add a voice comment to each individual thermal image. A patent-pending innovation now solves these problems: with SiteRecognition technology, measurement sites are automatically recognized and the resulting thermal images correctly archived. This allows periodical field tours to be conducted efficiently.

885-2M Tecnical Features

320 x 240 pixel detection with high-quality optics
SuperResolution technology improves image quality four-fold to 640 x 480 pixels
Thermal sensitivity < 30 mK NETD to detect even the smallest thermal differences
Panorama image assistant allows for the analysis of a total image stitched together from multiple individual images
SiteRecognition technology offers direct recognition of measurement sites
Video output: USB 2.0
Voice recording Bluetooth headset
SD memory card
Flexibility thanks to its rotating handle and rotating, fold-out display