Medical Thermography

see the body with different eyes

Medical Thermography is extremely valuable for the early detection of many health conditions and has been used for the past 20 years - most recently for reliable, early detection of Breast Cancer.

The thermal imaging camera is offering the opportunity of endless measurements at all possible points of patient's skin surface without causing any discomfort to the patient, accumulating information on the status of the body as a whole, to allow early and reliable diagnosis of a wide range of injuries and conditions before they create serious and irreversible problems.

Medical Thermography Applications include:

Fever Scanning
Breast Cancer scanning
Animal Research
Spinal Scanning
Prostate Cancer scanning
Race Horse Exams
Full Body Scanning
Skin Cancer scanning
Equine Exams
Arthritis scanning
Burn Depth Assessment
Oral Pathology
Sports Related Injuries
Open Heart Surgery
Chronic Pain
Vascular Exams
Night Patient observation
Chiropractic Exams

Visualization of the problem
Easy Scan Anywhere
Non invasive
No radiation
No contact with the body

Thermography is a crucial addition to any wellness program

Model 890

With the thermal imager of Series 890, you are ideally equipped for to cover many thermography applications including fever detection.

Series 890 professional thermal imaging camera offers in addition to what 885 offers  a resolution 640 x 480 pixels and with  SuperResolution technology enhanced to 1280 x 960 pixels, as well as thermal sensitivity of < 40 mK.

Fever measurement with the thermal imager 890
Why fever detection?

In times of increasing mobility, infections don’t stop at national borders either. Whether ebola, SARS or coronavirus: no-one wants to imagine the consequences of an epidemic or even a pandemic. That’s why it’s in the interest of public health to identify risk persons in large groups of people early. The operators of heavily frequented facilities such as airports, shopping malls or sports stadiums carry a special responsibility for disease prevention.

Why fever measurement with thermography?


An important indicator for an infection is increased body temperature (compared to other people in the immediate surroundings), generally known as fever. Thermography is the ideal method for scanning not just individuals, but also large flows of people. To do this, the temperature at the inner corner of the eye is measured, and an alarm triggered if it deviates. This allows persons with increased body temperature to be identified quickly and reliably, and to be isolated for more exact testing.


Model 400M
High Performance Thermal Camera

400M infrared thermal camera is designed for human body temperature detection.
With high IR resolution 400x300 and temperature measurement accuracy
(≤±0.4℃) ensures the high-precision rapid human body temperature detection
on a 5-inch 720P LCD display.Theergonomic rotating LCD and lens design
makes it convenient for human body temperature screening.
Based on an open Android operating system design, it works not only as a
thermal camera but also a portable body temperature rapid screening

Features and Benefits
•Measurement Range 20℃~60℃, accurancy≤±0.4℃
•Rotating LCD display up 270°C for easy viewing angle
•Rotating lens detents up to 70°C for easy viewing angle
•Android based operation system with open platform for
various APP developments and convenient program updating
•Powerful onboard analysis and reporting capabilities
•Multiple image presentation including IR, visible, PIP and MIF
•Wi-Fi data transfer

Application: HealthCare

IR resolution: 384×288
Detector type VOx/25μm/7.5~14μm
Frame rate: 25Hz/9Hz
NETD: 40mk
Focal length: 25mm/F1.0
Field of view (FOV): 21.7°×16.4°
Spatial resolution (IFOV): 0.99mrad
Min focus distance: 0.4m
Focus: Electric, Automatic Image Presentation
LCD Display: 5",1280×720 High Light Touch Screen
Viewfinder: 1280×960 LCOS Screen
Brightness contrast: Automatic, Manual, Fixed
Image mode: IR image, Visual image, PIP, MIF
Color palettes: 8
Digital zoom: 1.1~4x
Temperature Measurement Range: 20℃~60℃
Accuracy:≤±0.4℃ (target temperature 32℃~38℃)
Spot/Line/Area: 5 spots, 5 lines, 5 Areas
Analysis Info Storage: Saved with image (spot,line,areas)
Automatic Tracking: Either max. or min.
Isotherm: Upward, downward
Warning: Support image and voice warning
Image Format: Full Radiometric (JPG)
Image Internal Storage: Built-in 16G, SD card 16G (maximum support 32G)
Report Creation: PDF format, support print by connecting Wifi
Video Format: H.264(with temperature information)
Video Storage: Manual
Hardware : Visual camera of 5 million pixels, Illuminator, laser, Wi-Fi, Microphone (Volume adjustable),
Speaker (Volume adjustable), Digital compass, GPS, Light sensor
Interface Micro USB 2.0,SD card,Gigabit Ethernet,Tripod,Mini HDMI
Battery: Rechargeable Li-ion Battery(Certified to UN38.3), battery time>4 hours, support Sleeping mode
Working Temperature: 15°C~35°C
Storage Temperature: ﹣40°C~70°C
Protection rating: IP54
Weight: 1350g
Dimensions 206mm×145mm×135mm
Standard Accessories: Li-ion battery,Power supply adapter, Adapter plug (5 pcs), Shoulder strap, USB cable,
HDMI cable, Network cable, Quick Start Guide, User Manual, Data Download Card, SD card(16G),
Hard transport case
Optional Accessories: Tripod, wireless mouse & keyboard & Micro USB OTG cable, 24 inch monitor
(HDMI interface) & changeover plug., Li-ion battery, Pouch, Battery charger, Bluetooth earphone,
Extended lens, Lens bag


Series 120H - Fever Screening Economy Handheld Thermal Camera

Series 120H Fever Screening Thermal Camera is a fast temperature detection tool, which can be used to detect human temperature from a safety distance with accuracy of ±0.5℃. It is an economical and practical thermal camera that could meet the needs of primary temperature screening well.
Series 120H is not only suitable for flexible temperature screening, but can also be deployed at the entrances and exits of the public areas, making it an ideal device to improve the efficiency of epidemic  prevention and protect public health.

o Fast temperature detection, automatic fever identification and alarm
o 1 meter safe detection distance, low risk of infection
o Support to save up to 100,000 images, can check temperature data
o TYPE-C interface, 2.5H fast charge, battery time up to 8H.
o Compact and portable, suitable for mobile detection,
can also be fixed on optional tripod

IR resolution 120x90@17μm
Detector type Uncooled Vox/7.5~14μm
Frame Rate 25HZ
NETD 60mk
Focal Length/F# 2.28mm/F1.13
FOV 50°x38°
IFOV 7.6mrad
Focus : Fixed
Display type 2.4inch LCD display
Display Resolution 240*320
Image Mode IR Image
Filter Range 20℃-50℃
Accuracy ≤±0.5℃ (Ambient temperature 25 ℃, target distance
1m, target temperature 32 ℃ ~ 42 ℃, )
Measurement Point Central point
Alarm Over-temperature alarm, color prompt (preset value: 37.3℃)
Storage Media TF card (maximum support: 32G)
Image Format Full Radiometric (JPG) (120*90)
Communication USB TYPE-C, TF Card slot
Tripod Interface YES
Battery Type Rechargeable Li-ion battery
Operating Time >8H
Charging Time DC,≤2.5H
Temperature -10℃~50℃
Encapsulation IP54,2-meter Drop Test
Certification CE/ROHS/FCC
Weight 350g
Dimensions 194mm x 61.5mm x 76mm
Std Accessories Wristband,Quick start Guide,Charging adapter, Plug,
USB Type-C cable, Download card,16G TF Card


Sigma Series 380D-13V
Dual-Sensor Rapid Temperature Scanning Instrument of multiple targets
with ±0.2℃ Accuracy & Measuring Distance of 2~8 meters

Introduction and Technical Specification
Sigma 380 series rapid body temperature scanning system is an online infrared body temperature scanning and measuring system, which focuses on the body temperature. The system has a high accuracy of multiple targets simultaneous detection & rapid measurement, acoustic alarm, intelligent video analysis and non-contact body temperature measurement technology. Furthermore, it has advantages on large flow fast scanning, blackbody real-time calibration, AI artificial intelligence, 24 hours non-stop testing, with quick installation and is suitable for scenarios with large flow of people such as hospitals, schools, airports, railway stations, subway stations, expressway services, enterprises, office buildings and communities.

Sigma Series 380D-13V body temperature screening system can solve these problems with high sensitivity, high-quality images, compact structure,light weight,long-term testing, & software control.

Product Features
●Acoustic alert function
●Record and capture functions
●Multiple points simultaneous detection
●Multiple IR video mode
●H264 online video transmission
●Accurate radical positioning
●Blackbody real-time calibration

Infrared Channel
Pixels 384x288
Wavelength Range 7.5~14μm
Field angle 28°× 21°
Sensitivity <50mK
Visible Light Channel
Type 1/2.8" CMOS
Pixel 1920x1080
Field Angle 53°× 30°
Audible & Visual Alarm:Build-in warning lights and speakers
Detection Performance
High temperature source detection rate >99%
False Accept Rate <5%
Multi-target Identification & Continuous Tracking Support
Automatic Alarm Support
Face recognition Support
Personnel Match with Badge Optional
Measuring Distance 2~8 meters
Temperature Range +30℃~+45℃,
Temperature measuring range can be extended according to user requirements
Accuracy: ±0.2℃
Temperature Correction Automatic
Maximum Temperature Tracing: Real-time display of high temperature point location and temperature value
Emissivity Correction: The emissivity is adjustable from 0.01 to 1.0, or corrected by a predefined material emissivity meter
Background: Temperature Correction Automatic (based on input background temperature)
Atmospheric Transmittance Correction Automatic (based on input reflecting ambient temperature, distance, relative humidity, and ambient temperature)
Filter or Window Transmittance Automatic (based on input transmittance)
Function Setting: Date/time, temperature unit ℃/℉/K, and language
Data Storage
Temperature Data Custom MGT format. Analysis with IRX software
Image format: Adopted JPG for memory storage. BMP for PC. JPG
Video Format: AVI format , H.264 compression
SD Card Build-in 32G high speed TF card
Storage Control: Serial command with level trigger
Report Generation: Word format with content selection orientation
Port :
Internet Interface 100M/1000M LAN, RJ45 interface. Temperature data transmission
Video Output: SMA RFI
Control: RS232, RS485 (SDK level available)
Alarm I/O : Always closed. Always opened
API: Support SDK (Win&Linux), and ONVIF agreement (SDK level)
Power System : DC: 12V, Consumption <6w
Environmental Parameters
Operating Temperature -30℃~+60℃
Storage Temperature -40℃~+70℃
Humidity ≤95%(RH)
Vibration 2G(IEC60068-2-6)
Shock 25G (IEC60068-2-29)
EMC Match with CE/FCC
Physical Properties: Dimensions 236mm(L)×130mm(W)×80mm(H), Weight ≤850g
Installation Interface: Std tripod and M3 thread connection
Standard Configuration: Host, black body, integrated cable, and portable case


Sigma Series 300 and Series 600 with ±0.3℃ Accuracy & Measuring Distance of 1~5 meters with target temperature between 33°C~42°C

The Sigma Series 300 and Series 600 accurate temperature measurement thermal cameras can be widely used in medical temperature measurement, body temperature screening, animal husbandry, machine vision, high-precision power detection, high-precision industrial detection and other industries. It can realize real-time temperature information transmission, accurate detection, fast screening and so on. In particular, its elevated body temperature screening function can be widely used in airports, railways, stations, terminals, schools, and other densely populated places, to achieve rapid screening and avoid congestion.

• Measurement accuracy ±0.3C
• Effective temperature measurement distance from 1m to 5m
• Frequency 50Hz, Gigabit network: support temperature data transmitting realtime
• Auto focus, fast and precise temperature measuring
• Spot/line/area/isotherm analysis tools, simpler and more flexible to retrieve temperature data
• Compact size: easily install in small space
• Support multi-protocols: TCP, UDP, ICMP, DHCP, RTSP
• Patented intelligent compensated temperature measurement algorithm: accuracy of ±0.3C
• Auto focus
• Professional analysis software
• SDK support
• Professional image quality



Sigma Series 300

Sigma Series 600

Detector type

VOx Uncooled Infrared FPA


384 × 288

640 × 512

Focal Distance

7,8 mm

15 mm

Lens control

Supports auto focus

Focus Type



47 ° × 35,6 °

34,2 ° × 27,4 °




Measuring Range

0 ° C ~ 50 ° C

Measurement accuracy @ambient temperature 16°C ~ 32°C (with blackbody)

±2°C @Target temperature 0°C~20°C

±0.6°C @Target temperature 20°C~33C°

±0.3°C @Target temperature 33°C~42°C

±0.6°C @Target temperature 42°C~50°C

Effective measurement distance

1m ~ 5m

Network Interface


Network Protocol




Supply voltage


Typical consumption @25°C



Standard set includes
Camera, adapter bracket, Network cable ×1, Power cable ×1, Blackbody (1 unit), Power adaptor, Tripod ×2, Extension shaft ×1
Needed by user:
Computer with i5 and above CPU, 8G and above memory, 64-bit win10 system, supports Gigabit network
Display: >1920 × 1080 resolution
Power adapter: 10 ~36VDC, 12VDC is recommended


236 Series

Fever Thermal Imaging Warning Systems

Fever Thermal Imaging Warning Systems for Multi-person tracking in crowded public places such as airports, stations, factories, schools, and commercial centers

Fever Warning Systems are applied to mass fever screening in crowded public places, which help to detect people with a potential fever and may contain or limit the spread of the Coronavirus through identification of infected individuals showing fever symptoms. 236 Series combines advanced technology such as thermography human body temperature measurement algorithm and AI intelligent face recognition to make the equipment accurate and easy to use.

236 Series is equipped with various powerful functions. Multi-person tracking can ensure that no persons are missed. Custom warning zones and high-temperature shielding settings can avoid interference from other high-temperature objects. When detect the febrile people, it supports automatic warning, tracking and photo taking for storage which is convenient to query and classify management. 236 Series is the ideal equipment for epidemic prevention in public places such as airports, stations, factories, schools, and commercial centers.

o Adopts 400x300 infrared uncooled Vox detector
o AI deep learning algorithm based on neural network, more accurate temperature measurement and lower false warning rate
o Accurate single-person and multi-person high temperature auto tracking and warning
o Equipped with black body, real-time temperature calibration, higher accuracy
o Face recognition detection function, more intelligent
o Stand-type, easy to move, standard PC with powerful analysis software

o Large-scale temperature screening of airports, railway stations and more.
o Control and reduce the spread of virus with fever symptom, such as Ebola, SARS, and Zika, Novel Coronavirus…


Sigma 160AI
Artificial Intelligence Face Recognition (with or without mask) and temperature measurement for fever detection

Resolution: 160x120
Temperature Range: +30℃ ~ +45℃
Temperature Accuracy: ±0.3℃ (without black body); ±0.2℃ (with black body)
Measurement Distance: <3m
FOV: 50°x 39°/7mm
CCD Camera Resolution: 2MP
CCD Camera FOV: 60° 900M CPU*2
Internal Storage: 1GB
LCD: 1280x800, 12inch
Format: Video H.264 /H.265 MPJPEG, Codec
Audio MP3
Picture MPEG
WIFI (optional), RS485, LAN available


Sigma IR200 series
Infrared Body Temperature Measurement with accuracy of ±0.3℃/ Face recognition scanner /Gate attendance terminal

Sigma 200 a high-performance high-speed thermal detection camera with a built-in face recognition reader. The technology behind this device was developed in order to better prevent the spread of viruses and illnesses by rapidly identifying fever and potential cases. This unique temperature reading biometric device supports facial recognition even with a face mask on.

Power adapter: 12 V 3 A power supply (DC head for DC 5.5 mm universal standard interface)
Dimensions: 190(L) x90(W) x 26(D) mm
Weight: 0.5kg
Ambient temperature: -20℃ to 50℃
Relative humidity: 10% to 85%
Storage capacity: 1000000 traffic records, 3000 faces, 3000 palm prints ,3000 passwords (Features that can only be customized by customers)
Speed of recognition: ≤0.5S
FRR : <0.01%
FAR: <0.001%
Communication mode: U-disk,TCP/IP(Features that can only be customized by customers)
Wegan signal: Wegan output, can be used as a read head
Keyboard: Touch screen

1. Non-contact long-range temperature measurement (0.5 meters). Voice reminder for abnormal body temperature, reducing the risk of cross-contact;
2. Live detection, reject photos and videos, more accurate identification;
3. Large-capacity storage: 1,000,000 pass records, 3000 faces, 3000 passwords, 3000 cards (optional);
4. Users can independently set up the mask detection function;
5. Non-contact palm print recognition, even if fingers are dirty, frayed and peeled, can be easily identified;
6. U-disk time attendance, one-click import data, both access control and time attendance, automatically generate reports;