Safety for Man and Machine Compliance-Do you know if you're safe?

European and International Standards/Regulations require the consideration of all possible risks by the designers, manufacturers and end users of electrical and electronic equipment of machines for industrial and commercial use, so that potential injuries are minimised.

Sigma Hellas is offering a full range of approved modular safety systems that include emergency stop relays, safety gate monitors, two hand relays, overrun relays, speed monitors, standstill monitors, timer relays, programmable safety relays, Safety Controls & Monitors, Safety Signaling, Safety Sensors, Safety Motion Controls, Programmable Safety Systems (PSS), Safe Bus Systems, Safe Machine Interface, Safe Touch Screens.

We also offer safety and risk related services such as consulting, risk analysis according to the machinery directive, safety concept, safety design, safety inspection/validation. Please contact us with details of your requirements for additional information.