Emergency stop: Estop push button

As a Safety Solution Supplier, we can also now offer control and signalling devices for use in safety circuits in a rugged, everyday industrial environment.

The PIT product range can be used with the whole range of safe control technology. Whether you use PNOZ safety relays, PSS-range programmable safety systems or the safe bus system SafetyBUS p as the evaluation device - Pilz products guarantee maximum safety, protecting man and machine and increasing system availability and plant reliability.

Our units meet the relevant standards and guidelines and also have the necessary approvals.

The emergency stop pushbuttons have an elegant, industrial design and ensure safety for man and machine on emergency stop equipment.

The PITsign muting lampsindicate when an optoelectronic protection deviceis suspended. They are suitable for all muting applications in accordance with IEC 61496-1.
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