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True Power Monitoring Relays

The extensive range of true power monitors is used to provide an indirect measurement of physical values, i.e. it is simple to use the true power to draw conclusions about values such as volume, levels or pressure. This economical solution requires no additional sensors.

True power monitoring

True power converter for single and three-phase supplies, used to measure and monitor the rated power or true power on electrical machines.


9 different measuring ranges
Large voltage measurement range
Analogue output can be switched for current and voltage
Relay output for monitoring underload or overload
Suitable for use with frequency-controlled motors
Suitable for current transformers
True power monitoring

True power converter for single and three-phase supplies with analogue true value output


Direct measurement of motors with 2.2 kW (400 V) rating
Analogue output 0 ... 20 mA and 0 ... 10 V
2-phase current measurement (Aron circuit)
Short reaction times
High level of accuracy
Suitable for current transformers
Suitable for use with motors and generators
True power monitoring

The P1WX-IBS can be used to monitor pumps, tools, fans etc. with regard to function, contamination or wear and tear, i.e. via the true power it has an indirect link to the status of a plant or machine. For example, if the true power of a pump motor is being monitored, the level of that true power can be used to draw conclusions about flow rate or fluid levels.

Three threshold values can be evaluated, so an early warning can be generated if there is any change in the true power. These thresholds can be established via a teach-in mode or can also be amended dynamically via Interbus. In addition to its use on DC, three-phase and AC motors, the P1WX-IBS is also suitable for monitoring frequency-controlled motors. The Interbus connection means that threshold or measured values can be amended online. The true power monitor can also be installed wherever is most suitable, it is not tied to a particular location.


Communication via Interbus (in accordance with DIN E 19258), remote bus, RS 485
Slave connection
Polls true power, apparent current, voltage, diagnostic and statistical data via the controller
Currents can be measured in 4 different measuring current ranges
Large voltage measurement range
Suitable for use with frequency-controlled motors
Measurement principle: Aron circuit
Suitable for current transformers
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