Safe, Open, Economical

PSS programmable control systems - Safe, open, economical

You can use the PSS programmable safety and control systems to implement the widest range of automation solutions - from the monitoring of safety-related functions through to the complete control of plant, machinery and process cycles.

Your requirements determine the system structure
Control solutions for safety and standard control technology

Whether its`s a standalone machine or a plant,
Centralised or decentralised architecture,
Safety-related or standard control functions,

you put together your own individual solution and can rely on a system that`s completely compatible.

PSS programmable safety and control systems

Modular control systems PSSmodular
Compact control systems PSScompact
PSSuniversal decentralised control platform
Decentralised input/output units, PSSdio
PSSnet network components for SafetyBUS p
System software and programming guides
Fast, safe communication via SafetyBUS p

Supplementary products and services
The complete automation solution from one source.
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  • PMC motion control
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Make your solution flexible and individual

Modular or compact control unit

How flexible should the control unit be? With a modular solution using PSSmodular, you put together the CPU and the necessary input, output and communication modules individually. A compact solution using PSScompact provides everything fixed within one housing.

Decentralised networking of plants

On plants that are interlinked and physically separate it is advisable to switch input/output signals directly in the field. To do this you can use the PSSuniversal decentralised control platform or PSSdio compact input/output units . Communication with the central control system is via standard fieldbus systems and/or the safe, open bus system SafetyBUS p .

Control of safety-related and/or standard applications

With programmable control systems you can monitor safety functions such as E-STOPs, light curtains and safety gates and at the same time perform standard control functions such as speed monitoring or temperature control.

Plant control in accordance with international standards

With PSS programmable control systems you meet the very highest safety requirements in accordance with the international standards for machine safety EN 954-1, IEC 62061 and prEN ISO 13849, and also in accordance with application-specific standards for press applications, railway applications, cable cars and drag lifts, for example. They are approved by BG, TÜV and international certification bodies.
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