Safe Bus Systems

Established bus systems for the standard area do not meet the requirements of a "safe" network. This is why it was decided to add to the range of fieldbuses by developing safe bus systems. Safety-related networking offers users the same benefits that they are used to with conventional fieldbus systems.

The open protocol of the safe bus system SafetyBUS p enables you to incorporate various different field modules from other manufacturers. And the safe bus system also allows you to network programmable safety systems from the PSS-range.

Concept - SafetyBUS p®

SafetyBUS p is a safe, open fieldbus system for networking decentralised, safety-related applications. Not only does it represent a step into a new age "of safe control technology", it is also finding increased support in the field as an economical safety concept.

System Features

  • Sensors and actuators are connected to the SafetyBUS p system via decentralised I/O modules. In the application, components that belong together logically can be configured as groups and switched off separately in the case of an error.
  • SafetyBUS p is a multi-master system with a linear bus topology and is based on the proven, established CAN bus system. Three elementary aspects are pursued on SafetyBUS p:
  • the decentralisation of PSS programmable safety systems via decentralised I/O modules
  • the direct connection of safety-related sensors and actuators to SafetyBUS p
  • the safety-related connection of several programmable safety systems

All three aspects can be implemented in a SafetyBUS p network. For example, emergency stop buttons or safety gate contacts are generally connected via I/O modules, while more complex fieldbus modules such as light guards, scanners etc. can be connected directly to SafetyBUS p. Data processing is carried out by one or more programmable safety systems, connected via SafetyBUS p. SafetyBUS p`s open protocol guarantees a wide range of diverse field modules from different manufacturers. SafetyBUS p is event-driven, i.e. messages are only sent when the status changes at the central or decentralised I/Os, or at the subscribers. For this reason, SafetyBUS p is especially suitable for networking plants with different signalling rates and high requirements for response time.

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