The optimum safety solution for every requirement

Used in their millions, PNOZ safety relays are now proven worldwide. The first emergency stop relay to protect man and machine was developed in 1987.

This was a milestone in safety technology.
The laborious process of wiring contactors was now a thing of the past.

In constant contact with customers, the technology has continually been developed for numerous applications.

The name PNOZ is now synonymous with safety relays. Original PNOZ safety relays are the most widely used safety relays in the world.

Safety relays for each requirement

Compact, electromechanical safety relays, PNOZ X
Compact, electromechanical safety relays in minimum width, PNOZsigma
Compact, electronic safety relays PNOZelog
Configurable modular safety relays, PNOZmulti
Modular safety relays for high loads, PNOZpower

PNOZ X means Customised safety for your application

PNOZ X safety relays are proven through their reliability and robustness. You'll find them used over a wide area in the most diverse safety applications. Use one PNOZ X per safety function. Its technical features are based on voltage-free, electromechanical contacts in 2 relay technology. Sizes vary from 22.5 to 90 mm, the number of contacts from two to eight.

The right PNOZ X for each safety function

Monitoring of E-STOP, safety gate, light grid
Safe monitoring of E-STOP, safety gates and light grids

Monitoring of two-hand operation
Safe monitoring of two-hand operation

Contact expander modules
Total overview of contact expander modules for PNOZ X

Other functions
Safe monitoring of all other functions

PNOZsigma product range - Maximum function in minimum width

The new compact safety relays PNOZsigma combine many years of experience with today's very latest safety technology. Patented features within the new PNOZsigma help make the units more compact than ever before. Typically the relays deliver the same functionality in 50 per cent of the space required previously, and it is now possible to install six safety outputs within a width of just 30mm. Despite their small physical size, diagnostics are improved with front panel LEDs indicators.

The PNOZsigma offer

Multiple functions
Improved diagnostics
Easier expansion
Improved switching capacity
Reduced wiring
Rapid installation

and therefore more efficiency.

PNOZsigma monitors safety-related functions such as E-STOP, safety gate, light curtain or two-hand control on independent stand-alone machines. Just a few unit types cover a wide range of applications.

Your benefits at a glance:

Few unit types - many safety functions - reduced stockholding

Just a few unit types from PNOZsigma are enough to cover a wide range of applications: for example, you can use the PNOZs5 to monitor an E-STOP function, a safety gate or a light curtain. When a safety gate has been opened and closed, for example, operating mode selector switches can be used to select whether a machine has a monitored or automatic reset. The benefit of this multifunctionality: your stock only needs to include a few unit types, which can be used in a variety of applications.

Up to 50% space saving in the control cabinet

The multifunctionality of the PNOZsigma is compressed into a compact enclosure. Housing widths start from just 12.5mm. They are up to 50% narrower compared with standard safety relays on the market. The benefit is obvious: narrower widths save space within the control cabinet, and therefore costs!

Rapid commissioning and expansion

Using PNOZsigma can reduce the amount of wiring by up to 20% - thanks to innovative connection technology:
Plug-in connection terminals - cabling can be pre-made
Innovative spring-loaded technology with individual operation of the terminal chambers
Just "click" to expand the contacts via jumpers

Selectable operating modes for maximum flexibility

Using operating mode selector switches you can set your PNOZsigma unit to suit your own process and safety requirements:

Selectable reset modes: manual, automatic, monitored, with start-up testing
Selectable operating mode: with or without detection of shorts across contacts
Selectable time delays between 0-300 seconds
Selectable timer functions: delay-on energisation, delay-on de-energisation, pulsing

High availability and diagnostics in seconds

High switching capabilities up to 12 A guarantee high availability and long service life. And PNOZsigma can also handle safely the switching of the smallest loads, from 10mA. Thanks to universal power supplies from 48 - 240 V, this new safety relay is also resistant to mains fluctuations. When servicing, diagnostics are available quickly at a glance: each PNOZsigma has 6 descriptive LED indicators displaying switch and fault conditions. It is not usually necessary to connect external measuring devices.

Protection from manipulation and contamination

To protect against manipulation and contamination, all the setting elements are protected by a cover flap, which can also be sealed if necessary

PNOZsigma -
Base units
for functional safety

PNOZsigma -
Contact expansion
for functional safety

Monitoring Relays in Slimline Housing

S-Range monitoring relays

Taking control of every situation with the S-Range

Monitoring and control are important issues in all areas, from sport to technology. So why not have optimum control of your process with S-range industrial monitors. S-range monitoring relays, in green 22.5 mm slimline housing, have been developed on the basis of industrial requirements.

The multifunctional, universal relays can be used to cover up to 78 different functions. In addition to current, voltage, standstill and earth fault monitors, the range also includes relays for true power, phase sequence, and thermistor monitoring. The S-range is continuously revised and expanded to meet operational requirements.

Quick and easy installation, practical terminals, a variety of operator elements as well as bright, informative displays all help to make commissioning easier and ensure the units are perfectly tailored to the specific application. The structural design guarantees years of trouble-free operation.

PNOZelog - Solid-state safety
The innovative PNOZelog product range combines the experience of electromechanical safety relays with the advantages of modern electronics. With PNOZelog you can reliably monitor up to four safety functions. Wear-resistance, safety and long service life ensure that it is cost-effective to use.

Save on wiring! PNOZelog is easy to link through logic operations.

Increase the availability of your machine thanks to expanded diagnostics. Power-up tests, self-checking and runtime tests also guarantee maximum safety.

The right PNOZelog for every safety function

PNOZelog -
All units Total overview of all PNOZelog safety relays

PNOZelog -
Monitoring of E-STOP, safety gate, light grid
Safe monitoring of E-STOP, safety gate and light grid

PNOZmulti - Many functions – One solution!
PNOZmulti is multifunctional, freely configurable and tailor-made for use in many areas of mechanical engineering. Use PNOZmulti to monitor safety functions such as E-STOP, safety gates, light barriers, two-hand and many more. PNOZmulti can also be used to perform standard control functions economically.

Instead of wiring, generate the safety circuit on the PC using an intuitive configuration tool. Store the configuration on a chip card and downloaded it to the PNOZmulti base unit.

Choose your PNOZmulti!

PNOZmulti base units
With 20 digital inputs, 4 digital semiconductor outputs and 2 relay outputs

PNOZmulti software
Software to configure your safety circuit on the PC

PNOZmulti Configurator
software licences
Software licences to configure your safety circuit on the PC

PNOZpower - Switching high loads safely
Use the modular safety relay PNOZpower to monitor E-STOP, safety gates and light barriers. With PNOZpower you can switch currents of up to 16 A AC/DC per contact. An overall breaking capacity of 40 A is available per module.

In each case, external contactors and contactor combinations are no longer required. The base unit processes the inputs; the output modules are specifically matched to the respective load. The number and capacity of the required safety contacts can be scaled, depending on the application. You can connect a maximum of five modules to the base unit. Modules are wired to the base unit via an internal bus system.