Wind Energy

Safe, efficient automation of wind turbines

We provide solutions for monitoring all the relevant safety functions on wind turbines. Many years of experience from the field of industrial automation have helped us to understand the requirements of a wind turbine. Solutions for many wind turbine manufacturers worldwide are tailored specifically to the industry.

Safe automation is shaped by a comprehensive world of standards. The wind energy sector also has standards and regulations which demand that safety measures are taken when automating a wind turbine.
These include IEC 61400 as well as the Machinery Directive in Europe.
Guarantee the safety of man and machine through the right solutions

Even on a wind turbine, the protection of man and machine is absolutely indispensable. we provide solutions for safe speed monitoring on the rotor and generator shaft, for example. Values such as the oil and generator temperature or the electrical variables can be monitored in order to protect the wind turbine. Our solutions safely monitor wind direction tracking and pitch adjustment.

Consultancy regarding the safety of wind turbines

Profound knowledge of the standards, coupled with many years of experience in consultancy, guarantees integrated safety services for our customers in the wind energy sector: from risk assessment to validation of safety solutions or from the development of a safety concept for wind turbines through to CE marking.

Benefits for wind turbines:

Reliable components and solutions that are already proven in wind energy
Rapid remote diagnostics
Easy to integrate: safety systems have communication interfaces to all common industrial communication networks, including Ethernet and fibre optics
Robust product types for demanding environmental conditions in the onshore and offshore sector
Our certified solutions for wind turbines (TÜV/BG/CE/UL/CCC/GOST) can be used worldwide
The safety system for wind turbines conforms to international regulations (Machinery Directive (2006/42/EG), IEC 61400 and Guidelines published by Germanischer Lloyd)
Complete package of safety services for wind turbines.

Our solution for your wind turbines:

Configurable control systems PNOZmulti
PNOZ s30
Machinery safety services