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What is the quality of your compressed air?

Is Dry, Dry Enough?

Compressed Air Dew Point control: How to prevent damage

The modern production technology needs compressed air. The diversity of application starts with non processed blast air to absolute dry, oilfree and sterile compressed air. Irrespective of how it is used, compressed air has to be dry. Depending on the application considerable economical damage can be caused by uncontrolled humidity irruption into the compressed air system.

Reasons that can lead to an increased pressure dewpoint value within the compressed air system

  • Condensate at the refrigeration dryer (condensate eliminator faulty or dirty)
  • Condensate overload of the refrigeration dryer
  • Adsorption agent is not regenerated sufficiently
  • Compressed air bypass in the bypass (valve faulty or not closed)
  • Compressed air bypass in the refrigeration dryer (worn out, corroded etc.)

Water in compressed air leads to damages

  • Corrosion within the pneumatic plant - Rust will develop in the ducts and functioning elements and will lead to leakages.
  • Breakage of the lubricating film – Broken lubricating films lead to mechanical faults.
  • Building of electric elements.
  • Formation of ice in the compressed air system - At low temperatures the water within the compressed air system could freeze and cause frost damage, reduction of the diameter and blockades.
  • Material handling - High humidity leads to conglutination of materials to be transported, e. g. sugar, concrete, granulate, etc.
  • Pharmaceutical -High humidity impairs powders, tablets, etc.
  • Hospital - DIN 13260, EN 737-3, danger of development of bacteria

The high quality standards in industry require the continuous monitoring of humidity with results which are reliable and invariable over a long period. We provide stand-alone units or sensors with analogue output that can be intergrated in to a centrally controlled system.