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Clinically pure breathing air

Due to the large volume of air that most hospitals consume, on-site production is normally the most practical and cost effective method of supply. This is accomplished by compressing ambient air with medical air compressors which have to be strictly maintained and ensure that the risk of contamination is minimised as much as possible.

Medical grade compressed air is used for a variety of applications, ie respiratory systems or processes, ventilation, substitute for nitrous oxide in anaesthesia, instruments, and pneumatically powered surgical tools. These compressed air systems normally have filters or special scrubbers to remove carbon monoxide and other pollutants, but this is not enough, as the system has to be tested and verified (or certified) on a regular basis.

Α reliable breathing air control system (Medical Breathing Air Control) protects patients against impure compressed air and complies with the production monitoring of Medical Air.

A stay in hospital is never a pleasant experience. The pain, the worries about health, the fear of an operation. Many people find it particularly worrying to depend on technical systems, such as the breathing air supply in the operating room or in the intensive care unit. The demands on the operation of the life-saving systems are correspondingly high. Therefore, the "European Pharmacopoeia" stipulates exact limit values for the composition of the so-called "Medical Air", meaning the compressed air which, in Medicine, is

  • applied as the breathing air
  • Safe production of Medical air
  • Breathing air is subject to medical laws

For the control of the compressed-air quality in the medical field, we offer now a safe Medical Breathing Air Control system. An uninterrupted service is as important as the purity of compressed air. High sensitivity of the system helps to immediately detect malfunction. Patients, as well as medical devices are thus protected at all times and the requirements on production monitoring are met.

Monitoring limit values:

  • Oxygen, O2
  • Carbon dioxide, CO2
  • Carbon monoxide, CO
  • Water vapour, H2O
  • Oil vapour/residual oil, HC
  • Sulphur dioxide, SO2
  • Nitrous gases, NOX

Main Features

  • Production monitoring as specified for aer medicalis
  • Protects patients and equipment against the consequences of malfunctions
  • Round-the-clock online monitoring 365 days a year
  • Reduced operating and maintenance costs
  • Easy integration into existing facilitie

A "must" medical air quality monitoring system for hospital & clinical facilities that care.