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Humidity is one of the most important measured parameters next to temperature. Humidity is water molecules in the air, and many chemical reactions, drying processes, meteorological conditions, and indoor comfort, are influenced by it.

We have to distinguish between absolute and relative air humidity. Absolute humidity is the weight of the water content in the air, the water density. The unit of measurement is g/m3. Relative Humidity represents the percentage of the maximum possible quantity of water vapour in the air with a referance to the temperature at the time of measurement. The unit of measurement is %.

Sigma offers a variety of digital indicators and controlers to interface with the available sensors.

Model 608

Model 608 is a compact Humidity, Dew point & Temperature monitor with quarranteed accuracy over the whole range (2...98 %RH), a humidity sensor not affected by condensation, LCD 2 line display that can be read from a long distance and 9V battery. Alarm display optional with model 608-2. Ideal for storerooms, cleanrooms, nurseries, etc.
Dimensions: (W/H/D) 120 mm / 89 mm / 40 mm
Measuring range: 2...98 %RH
'-10...+70 °C
'-40...70 °Ctd