Vibration Protection Monitors

Our vibration monitoring systems offer a range of both contact and non-contact techniques for accurate measurement of absolute and relative vibration on critical machines and infrastructure. Our sensors are available in a range of output configurations (acceleration, velocity or 4-20mA); combined with our established vibration monitoring and protection equipment they offer high integrity measurements with flexible alarm facilities.

Our sensor range includes accelerometers, velocity transducers and eddy current proximity probes, so whatever your vibration monitoring requirements, we have a solution to fit, backed up with many years of field experience.

Vibrations measuring & control system SE001 & V001

The system consists of SE001 evaluation unit & 1~4 V001 acceleration sensors.

SE001 evaluation unit       

  • Small system costs of an optimized availability of machines
  • Frequency selective machine diagnosis of up to 4 measuring points
  • Ethernet interface for integration into the factory data capture
  • Integrated history memory with real-time clock

With the SE001 it is possible to analyze and evaluate at the same time the measuring signals of up to 4 oscillation V001 sensors. Early warning and alarm are announced electrically over switching outputs. The trend can be represented electrically with the help of the analogue output. 2.000 values are stored in diagnostic electronics.

With the help of the Ethernet interface the decentralized diagnosis can be merged additionally into superordinate systems. By the data compatibility (OPC) the diagnostic values can be made accessible into each commercial visualization environment comfortably merged as well as within the framework by Teleservice concept of remote diagnostics.

Area of application: Diagnostic electronics for acceleration sensors
Base function: 2 x normally open contacts/openers programmable or 1 x normally open contact/opener programmable + 1 x similarly (0... 20mA)

Operating voltage 10... 32 DC V
Power input < 100 mA (24V)
Inputs dynamic inputs: 4 x 0... 10 mA or 3 x 0... 10 mA and 1xICP
static inputs: 2 x 0... 20 mA or pulse
Data interface: Ethernet TCP/IP
Sampling rate: 100
Ambient temperature: 0... 70°
Enclosure,  safety class system: IP 20, III
Housing materials: Pa

V001 acceleration measuring sensor

  • for harsh site conditions     * Compact and durable stainless steel housing
  •   Temperature range -30 to 125°C
  •   Integrated self check

The acceleration sensor type V001 is used for measurement data recording in combination with the SE001 evaluation unit.

The special analogue output offers the error free transmission of high frequency oscillation signals over cable distances of up to 30 m.

The compact and extremely durable execution offers even under most adverse environmental condition large long-term stability. By the employment of most modern silicon technology, sensor sensitivity is both long-term stable and temperature independent.

Area of application 
Oscillation collection up to ±25 g
Base function 0... 10mA, analogue
Operating voltage 9 DC V
Power input < 15 mA
Measuring range ± 25g
Sensor principle micromechanical acceleration sensor/capacitive measurement principle/a measuring axle
Overload firmness 500 g
Sensitivity     0,2 mg/sqr cycles per second
Frequency range 0... 6000 cycles per second
Linearity     0,2 %
Ambient temperature  -30... 125 °C
Enclosure, safety class system IP 69K, III
Housing materials     Housing: V4A (1.4404)
Connection     M12