Portable Material Handling Weighing System with Wireless Remote Diplay for Trucks

Technical data

Accuracy ±0,1% of the capacity ± 1 increment
OIML class III
Capacity (kg): 2 000/5 000/10 000
high accuracy load cell

Remote Control
Menu based interface with easy-to-use keyboard
Nonvolatile memory for 1800 results with time and date
Charge level display
Graphic LCD display (64x128 mm) with white LED backlight
Operation time: 40 hours
Operation range: 100 m on line of sight
Operation frequency: 2,4 GHz
Automatic pairing with Dynamometer
Battery type: 2 x NiMh AA, 2100 mAh
USB port for charging and data upload to PC
Charging time: 5 hours
Weight: 200 g
Automatic zeroing and check-up when starting Dynamometer
Summing function
Numeric material code, 8 digits
Peak load function for highest and lowest load
Available as lbs and kN display versions

Crane Overload Controller and Cabin Display

The PX Overload is the ideal user friendly display for loads lifted at a   distance  thanks to its analogue input signals (4..20 mA & 0..10 VDC), and overload control with the available 4 setpoints.

In addition to the local display function, the PX Overload is also offering features such as max and min peak and hold, as well as   totalizing.

Input signals :  4..20 mA and 0..10 VDC
Number of digits :  5 digits  of 14 mm height
Power supply :  from 85 to 250 VAC (50 Hz, 15 VA) ; 24 VAC ; 48 VAC ; 10 to 30 VDC
Optional output :  0..10 VDC, 4..20mA, RS232, RS485
Optional set points :  4 Programmable set points available
Keyboard :  5 programming keys
Protection :  IP 65 for front panel of 49 x 96 mm
Code   :  Security code to lock the programming