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Production processes often require monitoring of temperature, pressure, flow, speed, etc so that essential information is provided about the function of equipment.

Sigma Hellas is offering user friendly electronic individual compact monitors or system monitors that will operate in adverse industrial conditions for a long time.

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Fault Voltage Monitoring

The PFU6 electronic monitoring relay enables welding transformers to be monitored in accordance with VDE 0545. Hazardous contact voltages / insulation faults are monitored on six measuring circuits. For example, up to six secondary windings on welding transformers can be independently monitored for hazardous voltages, through a single unit.

Its 45 mm housing is designed for a rugged industrial environment, ensuring the PFU6 provides a space-saving solution for the safety of personnel on resistance welding plants, which are used in the automotive industry for example.
Fault voltage monitoring

The PFU6 monitors fault voltages on welding transformers in accordance with VDE 0545.


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Monitors voltage of 6 secondary windings on welding transformers
Displays fault voltage and open circuit
Supply voltage can be selected: 24 V...42 VAC/DC or 42... 240 VAC/DC