Ammonia Monitoring

smart NH3 detector

an industrial type ammonia monitoring system for health & safety

The smart NH3 detector is an ammonia monitoring system that also includes a smart controller with LED display and field upgradeable options (outputs), a 16000 readings logger with a LCD display option, logger software, an alarm beacon and a siren. Furthermore the user can optionally purchase an infrared data collector (to download the data in the field), and an infrared printer (to print the data on the spot).


Ammonia sensor
Sensing element Electrochemical Cell
Measurement range 0-200 ppm
Resolution 0,1
Precision 5% of range or 10% of readout
Repeatability +/- 5% del F.S.
Warm-up time max 5 minutes
Stabilization time < 1 minute
Relative humidity 20-90 % Rh / 40° C
Auto zero routine Zero drift compensation
Digital filter variable average on the values sampled
Power supply 85-220 VAC
Display 14mm variable intensity LED display
Control unit push button programmable from menu
Output 4-20 mA (used by the logger)
Optional outputs dual or quad relays, RS232 or RS484, DEVICENET
Input (external)

4-20mA (used by ammonia sensor)
Memory 1000000 points
Logging frequency programmable from 1s to 24 hours
Operating temperature -20 to +70 °C
Optional accessories infrared data collector
System optional access Outdoor enclosure

Indoor CO2 Monitoring

Model SHW5000

This state-of-the-art SHW5000 instrument measures carbon dioxide (CO2 ) concentrations in the parts per million (ppm) range and is ideal for applications ranging from conference rooms to home gyms.

Fresh air contains 350-400 ppm CO2. Human respiration and combustion by-products from furnaces, fireplaces, and household appliances can easily raise indoor levels above 2000 ppm. With your SHW5000, you can watch CO2 levels rise as people enter a room.

According to the National Institutes of Occupational Safety and Health, increased levels of CO2 may contribute to "Sick Building Syndrome" and symptoms such as hyperventilation, headache, dizziness, shortness of breath, and drowsiness. The SHW5000 CO2 monitor provides a continuous, accurate reading of indoor CO2 levels, making it easy to maintain an optimum level of fresh air.

The SHW5000 is easy to install and support. Measurement output is via a 4 - 20 mA current loop or a 0 to 10 volt interface. A completely isolated power supply eliminates any ground loop or electrical interaction problems when multiple units are connected to the same controller. Low power consumption makes the SHW5000 perfect for battery-operated or other power-sensitive applications.

The SHW5000’s versatility is enhanced by options to satisfy most applications. The clear, bright high LCD display option is readable from any angle for installations where local annunciation of the CO2 concentration is desired. For direct control applications, the relay option can be configured to open or close above the set-point and is easily adjusted in the field. For plenum sampling requirements, the popular duct option is easy to install.

The high-performance SHW5000 uses an advance technology Non-Dispersing Infrared (NDIR) sensor system to assure quick and reliable CO2 response

Measuring range: 0~2000 ppm CO2
0..5000 ppm CO2
0..10000 ppm CO2
Operating principle: NDIR
Gas sampling method: Diffusion or sample draw
Power supply: 20-28VRMS AC, 18-30 VDC
Power consumption: Less than 2W @ 24VAC
Response time: Less than 1 minute
Repeatability: +20ppm or 5% of reading
Operating humidity: 0-90%
Operating temperature: 0…..+500C (32…..+1220F)
Dimensions: 155,6mm x 91mm x 37mm
Voltage output: 0 ~ 10VDC (optional)
Carbon Dioxide is used in diverse applications covering many industries, including:

Food and Beverage
Water Treatment
Plant Growth
Pulp and Paper
Energy Source
Cleaning and Solvent Extraction
Cryogenic Cleaning
Fire Fighting

High concentration CO2 sensor/transmitter SHW01

New generation, cutting edge 32 bit digital signal processing technology with solid reliability, LCD indication % CO2, provides a very stable, output requiring less frequent calibration, high measurement range (0-45%), with 5-7 years typical sensor life expectancy.

Measurement range: up to 0-45% (specify range when ordering)
Operating principle: NDIR
Maximum drift (per year): ±3%
Calibration: One point calibration procedure
Repeatability: better than 0.1% CO2
Response time: Accuracy: ± 5% of reading or 0.1% CO2, whichever is greater
Gas Sampling Method: pumped sample draw
Minimum Calibration Interval: 1 year
Power supply: 230VAC
Monitoring CO2 concentrations when it is used in Fire Fighting systems (personnel evacuation, personnel re-entry, accidental release, trials)