Communication Modules

We offer various converters to make your job easier. Choose from simple serial converters to drag-and-drop configurable Ethernet gateways.

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Communication Gateway for the panel meters in this section
Protocols Available: RS232, RS485 and Ethernet
Programmable via Crimson 2.0 Software
USB Programming Port
Protocol Conversion Feature Converts Numerous Protocols Simultaneously
Extensive Built-in Driver List Allows Easy Data Mapping to PLCs, PCs, and SCADA Systems
10 Base-T/100 Base-TX Ethernet Connection Can Connect to an Unlimited Number of Devices via Four Protocols Simultaneously


:: SWITCH08 ::

Unmanaged Switch Requires No Configuration
Supports 10/100 MDPS Network
Auto Half/full Duplex Negotiation
Auto-Crossing Detection Supports Standard And Crossover Ethernet Cables
:: GCM232 ::

RS232 to Current Loop (GCM232)
Isolated 20 mA Serial Communications
:: GCM422 ::

RS422/RS485 to Current Loop
Transmit Disable for Operation on a Two Wire Bus
Isolated 20 mA Serial Communications
:: ICM4 ::

• LED Indication for RXD,TXD, and Power
• Half Duplex (RS485) and Full Duplex (RS422) • 9 to 32 VDC Power

:: ICM5 ::

• Three Way Isolation protects serial equipment from ground loops (1000 VDC)
• Modular RJ jack or screw terminals for RS485 connection
• 9-pin D-SUB for RS232 Connection
• Selectable DTE & DCE Operation - Works with any RS232 cable
• Selectable Baud Rates from 9600 to 115200
• LED Indication for RXD,TXD, and Power
• Half Duplex (RS485) and Full Duplex (RS422)
• 9 to 26 VDC Power