Tri-color Display Provides Instant Notice of Important Information

  • Displays Information from any G3 HMI, And SX/GT Models of the Data Station and Modular Controller
  • Graphical Design Allows Bargraphs, Custom Symbols and Graphics
  • Four Sizes for a Wide Range of Applications

PM1608 - resolution: 80 x 16
dimensions: 660 x 167mm (26"x 6.6")

PM2412 - resolution: 120 x 24
dimensions: 978 x 223,5mm (38,5"x 8,8")

PM3212 - resolution: 120 x 32
dimensions: 985,5 x 277mm (38,8"x 10,9")

PM6412 - resolution: 120 x 64
dimensions: 998 x 571,5mm (39,3"x 22,5")

RS-485 Port Supports Multidrop
AC Powered (110 or 220 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz)


for all jobs

  • 5 or 6 bright Red LED 100mm digits
  • Easy to read from a distance of 55 meters even against the sunlight
  • Protection rating IP65 / NEMA 4 sealed front panel
  • CE tested
  • Software configurable or with optional remote programming module – easily without the need for a PC
  • Uses a variety of input modules for every parameter:
  • Counter, Rev counter, up to 34KHz
  • Clock
  • DC or AC voltage up to 300V απευθείας
  • Current DC up to 2Α or AC up to 5A
  • Resistance up to 10ΚΩ
  • Strain gage, selectable bridge excitation±24/240mV
  • Temperature T,E,J,K,R.S.B,N,C,RTD, PT100 κ.α.
  • preset timer
  • field upgradeable with output cards:
  • Analogue 4-20mA/0-10V
  • 2 x relays or 4x relays
  • 4x PNP ή 4x NPN transistor
  • RS232
  • RS485
  • DeviceNet
  • Modbus
  • Profibus

EPX05 - Extra-large, 5-digit panel meter for analog inputs

The EPX05 panel meter provides a versatile display that can increase productivity by offering the plant floor or production area a large visual display of their current status. These EPX05 Series panel meters accept various analog inputs and offer the same features as our highly successful PXP Series Panel Meters. Additional plug-in cards can add alarms, analog output, and communication/bus capabilities, making the EPX05 a truly intelligent panel meter.

The EPX05 panel meter is designed to be mounted into a panel or enclosure. By using additional mounting accessories, the EPX05 can be surface-wall mounted, suspended, or bottom mounted.

Programming the EPX05 Panel Meter
Since this large display unit is designed to be remotely mounted, the EPX05 panel meter does not have a programming keypad. Programming can be accomplished by one of the following methods:

Rear Terminal Block: External switches can be wired via the terminal block. A minimum of 3 switches would be required.
Optional Programming Remote: The programming remote contains buttons similar to the PXI and is connected to the display via a 10 foot cable.
Optional Serial Programming: With the addition of an RS232 or RS485 plug-in card, set-up software allows configuration from a PC.
Plug-in Card Options
Each display can be fitted with up to three optional plug-in cards. However, only one card from each function type can be installed at a time. The function types include:

Four optional plug-in cards provide dual FORM-C relays (5 Amp), quad FORM-A relays (3 Amp) or either sinking or sourcing quad open collector logic outputs.
Plug-in cards also facilitate bus communications. These include RS232 and RS485.

A linear DC output signal is available as a plug-in card. This card provides either 20mA or 10V signals, and the output can be scaled independent of the input range.

  • Applications for the EPX05 Panel Meter
  • Remote Flow Meter Monitoring
  • Totalizing
  • Alarm Processing
  • Process Control & Alarm Systems
  • Also for Analog Models
  • Flow Meters with 4-20mA or 0-10V Outputs

New!! Large Serial Slave Display

The latest addition to the Large Display Series, the Large Serial Slave Display. The Large Serial Slave Display provides a great way to display values in a large, easy to read format. The six digit display is available in two display heights of 2.25" readable to 130` or 4" readable to 180`. This allows the Large Serial Slave Display to be viewed from anywhere on the plant floor.

The Large Serial Slave Display accepts serial ASCII data from other meters, controllers, computers, PLCs or other back of panel devices. It can also be used as a remote display to show product counts, target numbers, time, cycle timer, production rate, weight, tank levels or other pertinent data. Additional features include complete numeric and extensive alphabetic capability, adjustable display intensity, decimal point transmission with acquired data, and various reset options. The Large Serial Slave Display is packaged in a NEMA 4X enclosure made of lightweight aluminum.

Techical Characteristics ::

  • 2.25" or 4" High Red LED Digits
  • Displays up to 6 Digits of Serial ASCII Data
  • Dual Display Buffer Allows Alternating Displays
  • Selectable RS232 or RS485 Serial Interface
  • Connects Directly to the other panel meters we offer with Serial Programmable User Input
  • AC or DC Powered
  • Aluminum NEMA 4X/IP65 Case Construction