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Compressed Air Oil Monitor

Avoid surprises with oil contaminants in your compressed air with Sigma Oil Monitor

Sigma Oil Monitor is monitoring oil contamination trending on-line, reacting to the increase of hydrocarbons, and is installed after the compressed air dryer, behind activated carbon filter / adsorption


Monitoring range: 100 to 0 % (bargraph)

Medium: compressed air

Output: Alarm output, electronic switch

Operating temperature: 0 to +40°C

Operation pressure: max. 10 bar(g)

Connection Sample Probe: G 3/8 male thread or equivalent

Power supply: 230 VAC / 5 VDC

Housing: aluminium

Sigma Oil Monitor being a trend indicator is not intended to replace the measuring devices, but assist I a number of applications where the increase in oil content is to be monitored, as for example behind compressors to determine which compressor has a problem.