Conductivity is the measure of the ability of a solution to carry an electric current. Resistivity is the reciporcal of conductivity. Any solutions containing water will conduct electricity to some extent.

Conductivity is a non-specific measurement, it only tells us how much current can be carried by the solution. The addition of electrolytes such as salts, acids or bases to pure water will increase the ability of the liquid to conduct electricity. The simple chemical principle of conductivity is the basis for all measurement applications using conductivity.
Applications in conductivity measuring include water analysis, dairies, filter washing, rinsing and cleaning baths, electric varnishing, sewage disposal, boiler condensate control, chemical concentration control, solvent/water separator etc.

We offer electrodeless sensors and conventional electrodes for most industrial applications.

Our S3020 Toroidal Conductivity Sensor (Inductive Conductivity Sensor) delivers the most reliable technology for monitoring conductivity and total dissolved solids (TDS). Unlike contacting conductivity sensors, the 3020 is resistant to fouling, coating, and corrosion, and is designed for minimal maintenance and long service life. Built for harsh applications, the durable Noryl construction is tolerant to a wide range of solvents, and the sensor remains stable to temperatures up to 105° C.

  • Superior measurement technology provides accurate, stable measurements
  • Resistant to coating, fouling, and corrosion for accurate, reliable measurements
  • Wide measurement range
  • One year limited warranty

Our 8300  In-line Heavy-Duty Process Contacting Conductivity Sensor delivers accurate, reliable monitoring of conductivity and total dissolved solids (TDS). Sensor maintenance is simple with detachable S855 Cable Assembly. Sensor package is built with automatic temperature compensation (ATC) with options for integration to any conductivity transmitter or controller. Ideally suited for conductivity measurement applications from ultra-pure water to cooling water.

Reliable performance: Built-in automatic temperature compensation (ATC) for accurate measurements over a wide temperature range

Minimal sensor maintenance: Flat graphite measurement surface design resists coating and fouling even in harsh applications

Fast, simple installation: Integrate the sensor into your system in seconds with no tools required

One year limited warranty

Temperature Compensation: 1000Ω RTD

Cable length: 3 meter

Connectors: Tinned Leads/Tinned