Bilge Water Level Control

Bilge water level monitoring and control systems are an important safety feature of all vessels.

Our latest technology bilge level monitors were developed initially as a reliable alternative to float switches by the use of compact non-contact ultrasonic sensors with integrated digital display and two programmable on/off signal outputs that can be connected to the bilge pumps.

Ultrasonic sensors provide a cost effective sensing method with unique properties not possessed by other sensing technologies. By using a wide variety of ultrasonic transducers and several different frequency ranges, an ultrasonic sensor can be designed to solve many application problems that are cost prohibitive or simply cannot be solved by other sensors. Ultrasonic sensors continuously emit high frequency sound pulses inaudible to the human ear which travel away from the sensor, hit the surface of the target and are reflected back to the sensor. The sensor electronics measure the time taken by the signals to return after being reflected by the target surface.

Since the speed of sound is affected by air temperature, our ultrasonic sensors include a built-in temperature sensor. Level/distance measurements are automatically temperature compensated throughout the operating temperature range of the sensor.

Classic applications include proximity sensing, object presence or absence, obstacle detection for automated vehicles, distance measuring, level measuring, etc etc


  • Direct measuring value output in mm/cm or % via LED display
  • Temperature compensation for accurate measuring with fluctuating temperature
  • accuracy with temperature drift internal compensation, =< 1%
  • Numerical sensor setting via LED display for a complete pre-setting of the sensor
  • 1 or 2 pnp or npn switching outputs for all controls
  • Analogue output 4-20 mA and 0-10 V for two signals in one device (optional), reverse polarity protection
  • Operating voltage 9-30 V for application in various supply networks
  • Additional teach-in-function for a traditional setting of detect points
  • Automatic synchronisation for simultaneous operation of up to ten sensors in confined spaces
  • Automatic switchover between current and voltage output for simple operation
  • Housing material brass sleeve, nickel-plated, plastic parts, PBT, TPU (stainless steel optional)
  • protection rating IP67
  • vibration & shock complies to IEC 60068-2-27

Different operating modes and device configurations enable our ultrasonic sensing systems to be used in most conceivable automation applications

detection ranges

30-250mm 60-350mm 200-1300mm 350-3400mm 600-6000mm




Output versions




Usuful accessories

• Angled or straight M12 Socket connector with cable

Mounting set , stainless steel (304S15) angle bracket

Level control/monitoring with a submerged hydrostatic pressure sensor

Alternatively we can use a submerged hydrostatic pressure sensor with an
analogue signal output that is connected to a digital controller with relay outputs
(or other communication opions) that will control the bilge pumps.

Transmitter main characteristics
Excellent Stabilityand Repeatability
All Stainless Steel Housing
4-20mA Two-Wire Output
Voltage 13-36Vdc
Integral transient voltage protection
High strength moulded polyurethane cable with vent tube
transmitter is fitted with stainless steel nose cones with radial inlet holes to prevent sludge build-up
Protected against supply voltage reversal up to 50Vdc.
Combined on-linearity and hysteresis: ±0.30% FS Best fit straight line definition.
Repeatability: ±0.1% FS Defined as maximum error between 3 consecutive pressure cycles.
Media: all fluids compatible with 316L stainless steel housing and diaphram, polyurethane cable and nitrile o-ring seal.