Speed Monitors

All the physical quantities can be expressed from a pulse sequence, including linear movement and rotation. They can be used to detect sequence like motor driving and speed monitor or fault sequence detection like over-speed, under-speed, blocking , standstill. Programmable relay output is available to switch according with input switching frequency, and an analog input 0 –20 mA or 4 – 20 mA adjustable to desirable range..

Also in these products you will find frequency to current transformers, standstill and slip monitors.

Rotational speed monitors are used to monitor rotating shafts or uniformly pulsating movements.A few of the many areas of application are belt speed monitoring on conveyor systems, under-speed monitoring of mixers, monitoring of vibratory feeders.

The new FR-1 series speed monitor is a fully programmable compact unit designed for the evaluation of pulse frequency, rotational speed, linear speed and machine cycles.

It is designed to accept an external pulse train from a single inductive, capacitive, or photoelectric sensor. It is also possible to use a standard mechanical contact closure as an input. Common applications for the FR-1 include over-speed, under-speed and jam detection. It may also be used for fault monitoring and frequency to current conversion.

Adjustable function parameters include switch point, start up delay, output latching, output window function, scalable analogue output (zero and span), and hysteresis. The display indicates Hz, RPM or the milliamp value at the analogue output.

  1. Din rail mounting Built -in frequency generator for easy set-up
  2. Output Options - 2 relay, 2 transistor, analogue
  3. LCD display - Hz, RPM
  4. Push button programming - switch point, start-up delay, output selection

Input Signal: Inductive proximity switches, Photoelectric sensors


  • Over-speed
  • Under-speed
  • Jam Detection
  • Fault monitoring

Standstill monitoring is used for rotational speeds as well as uniform stroke movements, ie agitators, bin feeders, centrifuges, worm screws etc.

Slip monitoring is used wherever two rotational speeds need to be compared. Slip monitors can also be used to monitor the synchronisation of mechanically coupled drive motors to ensure uniform wire speed on cable machines.

Model FS

with model FS you can monitor slip between two rotational movements or synchronous running between two linear movements, have programmable set value (slip in percentage), combined slip and speed monitor (drive speed), error caused by slip during the start-up phase can be ‘ignored’ using the start-up delay time

fault monitoring


operational status
synchronous running
maximum speed
minimum speed


Compact 18 and 30 mm diameter speed monitors, 4 wire DC 3-wire AC and 2-wire AC/DC


Setting range (): 3...6000 imp./min

  • 18mm diameter speed monitor detects under-speed and over-speed conditions
  • Pulse output allows external evaluation of the damping pulses
  • For rotational speed application up to 18,000 pulses/min
  • Programmable setpoint from 5 - 6000 pulses/min
  • 12mm sensing range

handheld instruments - overview
 model 460; rpm measuring instrument incl. protective cap, batteries and calibration protocol

model 460 optically measures rpm, e.g. of ventilators and shafts. The measurement spot is displayed on the measurement object with an LED marking. Max./min. values are displayed directly at the press of a button. The backlit display allows the measurement values to be easily read out, even in unfavourable light conditions. Model 460 is very handy, small and easy to operate.

  •     Optical rpm measurement with LED measurement spot marking
  •     Max./min. values
  •     Incl. calibration protocol
  •     Protective cap for safe storage
  •     Including wrist strap and belt holder
  •     Display light

Technical Data 

Storage temperature -40 to +70 °C
Operating temperature 0 to +50 °C
Battery type 2 batteries Type AAA
Battery life 20 h
Weight 85 g
Dimensions 119 x 46 x 25 mm
Probe type RPM
Accuracy ±(0.02 %of mv + 1 Digit)
Resolution 0.1 rpm (100 to 999.9 rpm)1 rpm (1000 to 29.999 rpm)

Non-contact measurement of rpm in industry

  • rpm measurement on shafts
    e.g. in a filter pump
  • rpm measurement in rollers
    e.g. paper web
  • Measurements on turbines and pumps
Model 465, rpm measuring instrument set: Measuring instrument with SoftCase (protective case) in transport case (plastic), incl. reflectors, batteries and calibration protocol

Using model 465, rpm can be easily measured without contact. Simply attach a reflector to the object to be measured and then point the visible, red light beam at the reflector and measure.

  • Highly affordable
  • Easy one-hand operation
  • Storage of mean/max/min value, last reading
  • Robust design on account of SoftCase (protective case)
  • Measurement distance up to 600 mm

Technical Data       

Display 5-figure LCD display, 1-line LCD, 1 line
Storage temperature -20 to +70 °C
Operating temperature 0 to +50 °C
Battery type 2 AA batteries
Battery life 40 h
Weight 145 g
Dimensions 144 x 58 x 20 mm
Probe type RPM (optical)
Meas. Range +1 to +99999 rpm
Resolution 0.01 rpm (+1 to +99.99 rpm)
0.1 rpm (+100 to +999.9 rpm)
1 rpm (+1000 to +99999 rpm)


Model 470, rpm measuring instrument set: Instrument with SoftCase (protective case) in transport case, incl. adapter, probe tip, surface speed disc, reflectors, batteries and calibration protocol

Model 470, the ideal combination of optical and mechanical rpm measurement. An optical measurement becomes a mechanical measurement by simply attaching an adapter for probe tip or surface speed disc.

  •   Easy one-hand operation
  •   Measurement of rpm, speeds and lengths
  •   "Low Batt" warning
  •   Robust design with SoftCase (protective case)
  •   Storage of mean/max./min. values, last reading
  •   Measurement distance up to 600 mm (optical measurement)

Technical Data

Display 5-figure LCD display, 1-line
Storage temperature -20 to +70 °C
Operating temperature 0 to +50 °C
Battery type 2 AA batteries
Battery life 40 h
Weight 190 g
Dimensions 175 x 60 x 28 mm
Probe type RPM (optical)
Meas. Range +1 to +99999 rpm
Resolution 0.01 rpm (+1 to +99.99 rpm)
0.1 rpm (+100 to +999.9 rpm)
1 rpm (+1000 to +99999 rpm)


Probe type  RPM (mechanical)
Meas. Range +1 to +19.999 rpm
Accuracy ±0.02% of mv


Model 475
, mini stroboscope, incl. rechargeable battery, mains unit

Model 475, quick and convenient. Measurements at inaccessible points are made possible by its practical design and rechargeable battery operation.

  • Reflective tape on the measured object is not required
  • Not necessary to interrupt production
  • Simultaneous display of rpm and frequency
  • Mechanical rpm sensor can be connected

Technical Data

LCD,   2 lines
Storage temperature -20 to +71 °C
Operating temperature 0 to +50 °C
Weight 170 g
Dimensions 168 x 72 x 27 mm
Probe type RPM (mechanical)
Meas. Range +20 to +20000 rpm